History[edit | edit source]

He's put the moves on over 2062 women. He's hiding in Japan because he's internationally wanted after cheating on a queen he'd been dating.[1] When Gokudera was a child, Shamal was a mentor to him, as Gokudera copied his hairstyle and wanted to learn Shamal's Trident Mosquito. However, Shamal instead taught Gokudera usage over dynamite and gave an example by destroying 3 paper airplanes with the three dynamites. Later on, however, when Gokudera used the dynamite, Shamal was ashamed at Gokudera's foolishness with it, intentionally harming himself with the dynamite against an opponent, and treating it as some warrior's scar, Shamal declared that he would no longer teach Gokudera, as the child couldn't see 'it'.

Kokuyo Arc[edit | edit source]

In the anime, Shamal is briefly seen in this Arc approaching Namimori with intent on hitting on girls. Kyoya Hibari then attacks Shamal as he is disrupting the school. Shamal evades a full battle but instinctively releases a Trident Mosquito which poisons Hibari. Shamal tells Reborn it was Sakura-kura disease which should be fine as none are in bloom. In the manga, Hibari gets the Sakura-kura illness because he attacked Dr. Shamal over the best sakura-viewing spot. When he was hit, Dr. Shamal instinctively released a Trident Mosquito that poisoned Hibari. With his new illness, Hibari was forced to leave, opening up the viewing space for Tsuna and his friends.

Varia Arc[edit | edit source]

During the Vongola Tournament, he becomes Gokudera's home tutor. He points Gokudera in the correct direction and helps him create his new technique, Rocket Bombs, during the Ring Conflict. When the Storm Ring battle is about to begin, Shamal arrives, holding the two Cervello girls (groping their breasts in the manga), before being elbowed by them both. When Gokudera defeated Belphegor, but the latter went into a crazed state where he wouldn't surrender the Half Storm Ring, Shamal urged Gokudera to give up the match before both Gokudera and Bel are killed, as the Storm Ring battle had turbines that would self destruct after 15 minutes. Gokudera was still adamant, but when Tsuna told Gokudera to give the ring up, it seemed too late. As Shamal, Tsuna, and the others believed Gokudera to be dead, they soon saw Gokudera emerge, having given up the ring to continue living, much to Shamal and Tsuna's joy.

Future Arc[edit | edit source]

Arcobaleno Trials Arc[edit | edit source]

Before Viper's Trial, Shamal is seen hitting on Haru Miura and Kyoko Sasagawa; however, noticing Viper and Belphegor disguised as middle schoolers (Himeko and Monta), he hurried the girls home. Later, when he meets the girls such as Chrome Dokuro alongside Aria, he seems to realize who Aria truly is and moves away. He is seen again healing (constantly stating his dislike on treating men) Tsuna and his Guardians after they are defeated by Reborn.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc[edit | edit source]

Shamal is considered for Reborn's team by Tsuna, but Reborn informs him that he is off chasing women.

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