Discipline is the 206th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Hibari from ten years ago states to Genkishi that in Namimori Middle School, eyebrows like his aren't allowed. Hibari then asks why Yamamoto is lying unconscious, to which Genkishi replies that he defeated him. Hibari coolly states that it would be easier for him, as attacking a student of Nami High would mean war against them. They trade blows, but Hibari is blown back by Genkishi's strength.

At Tsuna's location, Tsuna was fighting the Death Stalk Unit. Reborn asks if those things were human, to which Spanner replies that they were once upon a time. Spanner reveals that those people created these things through human experiments, to which Reborn comments that it was cruel. Spanner counters, however, saying that these were scientists that experimented on themselves. They were all scientists, but they had one thing in common- love for Iris. Thus, they experimented on themselves, constantly trying to outdo each other, until they got this result and became these monsters. Iris then orders the Death Stalk Unit to attack Tsuna on the other side of the wall. Tsuna tells Spanner to hurry up and finish the contacts for the X-Burner. Spanner states to Reborn that it was impossible, and that the Death Stalk Unit was more powerful than his King Mosca. However, Reborn states that because the Death Stalk Unit is human, Tsuna can use his Vongola Hyper Intuition to predict the Death Stalk Unit's movements.

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