Disaster is the 335th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Before Demon Spade passes out, he thanks Mukuro Rokudo, to which Mukuro comments it was nonsense as Demon Spade is a person who always has to have the last word. Shortly afterwards, Tsuna and the others arrive. They're shocked to find that Mukuro has already defeated Demon. Mukuro responds to this by saying that since Demon is his enemy, he won't allow him to survive. Hibari abruptly throws his tonfa at him. Mukuro deflected the tonfa easily. Hibari says that since Mukuro has using his powers for the battle with Demon, his reactions are slow and it wouldn't be fun to fight him now. Mukuro replies that he will be his opponent anytime and said to Tsuna that before he possess his body, he will entrust Chrome Dokuro to him and he changes back to Chrome Dokuro.

When she awakens, she asks where Mukuro is and Tsuna assures her that he has defeated Demon without a scratch, much to Chrome's relief. This makes Gokudera comment that Chrome is weird since she was the one who was captured. Yamamoto also agrees, saying that she's only all worried about Mukuro rather than herself. However, their moment was cut off when the owl Mukuro spoke. Everyone realizes that the owl is possessed by Mukuro. Mukuro explains that his connection with his body has been blocked and it took all of his remaining power to possess Mukurou.

Julie awakens without any memories of what's happening, which confirms that Julie is no longer being possessed by Demon. Enma asks Julie if he remembers anything, to which Julie replies that he doesn't and it was like he was sleeping for a long period of time. Reborn also adds that if the battle was over, then the Vindice are supposed to appear now but they didn't, meaning the battle is not over yet. Mukuro concludes that while he was possessing Chrome's body, Demon took the opportunity to take his soulless body in the Vindice Prison.

In Vindice Prison, Demon Spade, who's possessing Mukuro's body, frees himself from the chains that binds him. He promises Tsuna and his Family that he will get them soon as he thanked Mukuro, stating that he would be having his body.

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