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|Age 2 = 32 (Future)
|Age 2 = 32 (Future)
|Status = Alive
|Status = Alive
|Date of Birth = February 4
|Date of Birth = February 4 (Aquarius)
|Famiglia = [[Chiavarone Famiglia]]
|Famiglia = [[Chiavarone Famiglia]]
|Team = [[Team Reborn]] (former)
|Team = [[Team Reborn]] (former)

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Template:Sky character Dino (ディーノ, Dīno) is voiced by Kenta Kamakiri and Kenn (episode 34 onwards). He is the 22-year-old 10th Boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia (キャバッロネファミリー, Kyabarrone Famirī), which is the number three Famiglia in its Mafia alliance with the Vongola Famiglia. The Chiavarone is also one of the largest Famiglias, with over 5,000 members, though only a few have been named.

Character Outline


Dino is a tall, young man with blonde hair and brown eyes. At present, he wears a green-and-black jacket over a dark red shirt. In the future, he is dressed in a coat with a furry collar. His hairstyle also changes in the future and becomes wavier.


Dino has great leadership and combat skills. His main weapons are a bullwhip and his pet turtle, Enzo. Like Tsuna, Dino, at first did not want anything to do with the Mafia and was also a klutz. He became a suitable Mafia Boss after Reborn became his home tutor. He came to be known as "Bucking Horse Dino" (跳ね馬ディーノ, Haneuma Dīno or "Bronco Dino" in Viz's translation) and fixed the Chiavarone's financial problems, turning them into the third most influential Famiglia in the Vongola Alliance. Unfortunately, Dino is so devoted to his Famiglia that when none of his Famiglia Members are around, his skills decrease dramatically, and he will often accidentally hit people with his whip and fall down stairs, among other things.


He is the son of the ninth Chiavarone boss. As a teenager, Dino attended a school for children of the mafia, where he first met Squalo. Reborn tutored him before leaving for Japan.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Dino is introduced in this arc, having snowball fights and friendly competitions with Tsuna's Family, carrying out tests for Tsuna's chosen Guardians to see if they were worthy, and generally just hanging out with Tsuna's Family.

Varia Arc

Dino becomes Hibari's home tutor in order to train the latter for the Ring Battle. Thus, Dino travels with Hibari around the country in order to train him in various environments, with his right-hand man Romario, (because Dino will most likely mess up without Romario's presence.) He has a little difficulty in training Hibari, since Hibari just wants to "bite him to death." Dino sees Hibari as being quite strong for his age, which is the reason why he is needed for Tsuna's Family.

Future Arc

Dino later appears after when Byakuran announce his official battle between the Vongola and the Milliefiore Famiglia, in a battle of Choice. Dino meets with Hibari on the rooftop of Namimori Middle School, where Tsuna and the rest were taking a break from training, promising to train Hibari in the upcoming battles. After his trainig with Hibari, Dino comes to check on Tsuna and the others on their training. But however he alone sees that Tsuna's box weapon attacks him, Yamamoto and Basil. Basil and Yamamoto together were able to seal the box weapon back to its box. Dino tells Tsuna his box weapon attacked him because he opened it incorrectly, and if he does it again, he'll break it for good.

Dino assigns everyone to new tutors for the time being. Ryohei and Lambo under Gokudera, and Chrome under Bianchi with I-Pin helping out. He tells Tsuna that he'll have to practice on his own, and Yamamoto the same because if he teaches him anything wrong, he will be "sent flying" by "that guy", later revealed to be Squalo.

Choice Arc

Dino sneaking in, to be a part of Choice

Dino reappears during the selection of the teams, right when Hibari says that he doesn't care about the rules. He tells them that he snuck right in when they were being transported to the Lightning Field. Dino manages to convince him that he should wait to attack, because after the battle, he can fight anyone he chooses. As the end of Choice draws near, Shoichi mobilizes the base in an attempt to escape from Kikyo. After a long chase scene. Kikyo manages to destroy the base and inflict a fatal wound on Shoichi. The Cervello arrive, and tell Tsuna that they need to check Shoichi's target marker, in order to see who's the winner. But Yamamoto tells everyone that he too, has defeated the target. This shocks everyone, but Kikyo however replies that they're too quick to judge, as Daisy is still alive. Because of this, the Cervello declare the Millefiore Famiglia the winner, but Shoichi reinsures everyone that he can still fight. Dino and the rest of co. arrive to help treat his injuries, as he tells everyone the story between him and Byakuran. He than tells everyone that Byakuran has the ability to share his knowledge arcoss multi parallel worlds. Byakuran congrulates them for understanding so much in so little time, but then demands Tsuna to give the Vongola rings to him.

Shoichi then reminds Byakuran of their past battle of Choice, in which Byakuran lost and agreed to give anything in return on their next battle of Choice. Byakuran denies this, but Yuni suddenly appears and says that she also know about this, and that Byakuran should give the Vongola a rematch. Byakuran denies this once again, in which Yuni tells him that she will no longer be a part of the Millefiore Famiglia and asks Tsuna to protect her from Byakuran. Dino suggests to Tsuna to reorganize themselves as he observes that Byakuran will make the battle last long. As Byakuran catches up to them, Dino volunteers to stay and buy some time for the whole Vongola family to escape. He also seems to have information as to Mukuro's whereabouts since he commented that Mukuro will be helping him soon just before the real Mukuro appeared.

Future Final Battle Arc

After Tsuna and his family returned to Namimori, Dino can be seen with Hibari running off to fight one of the Six Funeral Wreaths that landed at Namimori School. There they fight Daisy and defeat Daisy's Box Weapon, the Sun Rhino, with little difficulty. Daisy states that he was only going easy on them because he was happy that he found them, Daisy then reveals a box embedded in his body and activates it, changing his body into a weapon. Dino then releases his fully powered Sky Horse, with flaming wings that gives it an appearance of a Pegasus, which is then defeated by Daisy's left arm after the Sky Horse removed it. Dino then unleashes his ultimate technique, but to his surprise Daisy knows the technique, which Dino suspects from Byakuran's ability, and dodges it and incapacitates him, Hibari then comes to the rescue smashing Daisy through the school, and kicking Dino to Romario, stating that they need to stop going wild in the school. Dino then states how Hibari reminds him of the First Vongola Cloud Guardian and Hibari shows his Vongola Hedgehog's Cambio Forma.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

At the ceremony, Dino greets Tsuna and says that he was proud of him, and also mentioned that he received the memories of the battles in the future from Yuni. He mentions that he was able to see through Chrome's illusion of Yamamoto and questioned Tsuna about it while also offering their help. He is later seen when Timoteo was passing down the Vongola Sin down to Tsuna, when suddenly a loud noise sounded, followed by an explosion. Dino told Romario to protect the guests. Later, it was revealed that the true culprits were the Shimon Famiglia. Enma easily overpowered Tsuna and his Guardians, but when the Varia and Dino try to help, they were stopped by Adelheid. A shocked Dino was seen after Enma defeated Tsuna.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Dino as an English teacher

Dino is seen at Tsuna's house, listening to Reborn's explanation on why he wanted them to fight for him, and, after agreeing, the curse of the Arcobaleno. Afterwards, he leaves to go to his hotel, running into the Varia along the way, noticing Mammon along with them. Romario then pulls him up and informs him that the Varia were staying in the same hotel as them, much to his shock. Later, Dino greets Tsuna and Reborn as they arrive at the hotel, getting nervous as they asked him if there were other Arcobaleno representatives. Belphegor then swings in and drags Tsuna to the Varia's room. When Dino finally catches up to them, a man named Wonomichi bursts through the floor and announces himself as the planner of the "Representative Battle of the Rainbow" and that he would be explaining it.

Later, he and Reborn mutually agree that Tsuna should be their Representative Boss, and leaves to try to convince Hibari to join their team. After the first day of the battle ends, he apologizes for not getting Hibari to join, and that the latter had told him he would give his answer on the first day of the battle. He wants to be a part of the second day of the battle, so Reborn makes arrangements for him to become Tsuna's class's English teacher.

Later, during the battle between Team Fon and Team Mammon, Dino watches and reports to Reborn about the situation. A while later, just before Xanxus's shot from his X-Guns hit Hibari's Boss Watch, Dino shows up and deflects Xanxus's shot with his bullwhip, saving Hibari. When Hibari says that he wants to fight Xanxus alone, Dino deliberately provokes Xanxus by bringing up his match with Tsuna. As Xanxus mercilessly assaults Hibari, Dino suggests that Hibari should try to break Xanxus's watch through a slight opening. Hibari takes his advice, managing to dodge Xanxus's attack, but unable to break his watch.

Dino is last seen with Romario and Enzo when Tsuna thinks about the people he (Tsuna) can rely on.


Chiavarone Famiglia

Dino is the current and tenth head of his family, having inherited the position from his father. He cares deeply for his subordinates, to the extent that he becomes much more clumsy in their absence. They feel the same affection for him and sometimes tease him but remain devotedly loyal to him. Most notably, he is accompanied everywhere by a select few underlings, especially his trusted right-hand man Romario.

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Dino calls Tsuna his "cute little brother", and in return Tsuna respects and admires him as an older brother figure. They have somewhat similar personalities and bond easily over their shared experience of having Reborn as a tutor. Their first meeting was slightly awkward, because Dino teased Tsuna by saying that Tsuna didn't seem impressive, though he did later apologize for this remark. They have since bonded through many activities and battles.

Superbi Squalo

Dino and Squalo were schoolmates when they were about Tsuna's age. They first met when Dino caught a bloodied Squalo climbing over one of the school walls and offered to treat Squalo's wound. Though this offer was rebuffed, the two were at the very least familiar with each other by the time they reunited eight years later. Dino also cares enough for Squalo to rescue the latter from being eaten by a shark, and they talked openly during Squalo's hospitalization. Squalo felt that Dino should have just let him die, but Dino disagreed. In the future, their relationship has considerably improved and Squalo leans on Dino for support when returning to the battlefield. However, in the last arc, Dino's status as Hibari's teacher and Squalo's loyalty to Xanxus resulted in some renewed tension; Dino claimed that Hibari would have no problem defeating Xanxus and Squalo was visibly annoyed by this. Squalo was also angered by Dino's attempt to antagonize Xanxus. While staying at a hotel, Squalo behaved a bit more casually towards him and remarked that it would be nice to have a quiet meal. In the alternate future, Squalo got a gift for Dino in the form of a large tuna after taking a boat to Japan.


Reborn is Dino's former tutor and occasionally still refers to Dino as his loser student. In Haru's interview segment, Reborn was annoyed with both Dino and Tsuna. Despite the Arcobaleno's sadistic nature, however, Dino still wanted to learn more from him and credits him with making Dino into a capable boss. Dino and Reborn are not quite as close as Tsuna and Reborn.


Bianchi tried to kill Dino when he was still being taught by Reborn. In the future, he addressed her by her mafia nickname, "Poison Scorpion", and entrusted her with the younger girls.


Dino respects Timoteo as the head of the Vongola, whom the Chiavarone are firmly allied with. But there is one instance of rebellion on Dino's part: when the Ninth wanted to test Gokudera's loyalty, he wanted Dino to kill Gokudera if Gokudera tried to go to Italy, and Dino decided to hide Gokudera instead. Apart from this, it is likely that they often meet for discussions and maintaining their Families' alliance.

Takeshi Yamamoto

In the Future Arc, Dino noted Yamamoto's cheerful demeanor despite their rather dire circumstances and reflected that it wasn't surprising. After Gokudera passed Timoteo's loyalty test, Yamamoto ended up going to Italy instead and was hosted by Dino.


Dino using his Ultimate technique, Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce

  • Bullwhip: Dino is very proficient with a whip when his subordinates are around. In the future, Dino has been shown to ignite his whip with Sky Flames.
  • Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce (lit. Jumping Flying Fast Like Light): Dino's ultimate Technique with his bullwhip, he moves it a pattern at super speed, leaving almost no opening. When combined with his Sky Flames its gives the appearance of light moving from every direction.
  • Enzo: Dino's pet turtle. Enzo was given to Dino by Reborn after Dino asked Reborn if he could have Leon. Enzo grows substantially when exposed to water, he can grow to the size of a small house. Enzo is Leon's offspring.
  • Sky Turtle: A Box Weapon of rejuvenation. It has Sky Flame to stabilize health and Sun Flame to make the body active stored in its belly.

Cavallo Alato

  • Cavallo Alato (Sky Horse, lit. Winged Horse): In the Future Arc, Dino is shown to have a Box Weapon that takes the form of a large bronco with a Dying Will Flame mane.
  • Sky Pegasus: An upgrade to the Sky Horse Box that adds a pair of Sky Flame wings to the horse, making it resemble Pegasus. These Flame wings cut anything they come into contact with and harmonize them into ash with the Sky Dying Will Flames.


Dino's Tattoo

  • He refers to Tsuna as his little brother, and treats him as such. He is also one of the characters who refers to Nana Sawada as Mama.
  • Dino has a large tattoo that covers his left hand and most of his arm.
    • When he became a teacher at Namimori Middle in The Curse of the Rainbow Arc, he wore a bandage on his arm to cover up his tattoo.
  • Dino's movements will decrease greatly if his subordinates are not around- according to Reborn, 50 percent; however, Dino himself is unaware of this, blaming his clumsiness on his shoes or other things.
  • Dino was trained by Reborn before Reborn was sent to Japan to train Tsuna.
  • Future Dino can still bear with his clumsiness as long as his subordinates are at least within 1 km.
  • According to Fuuta, Dino is the number one mafioso out of 82,263 mafia bosses, who cares for the safety of his subordinates as well as civilians.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Dino ranked 8th.
  • Even in the future, Dino is still startled by Reborn. This means Dino has not lost his habit from when Reborn was training him.
  • To tie in with Dino's nickname, Bucking Horse, and his horse Box Weapon, the name of his family, "Chiavarone", means the "Big Horse" in Italian.
  • In the Ciao Ciao interview, the catchphrase he gave that described himself really well was "Bucking horse that matters to his subordinates".
  • Rein Blick, a character from Akira Amano's newest manga, elDLIVE, was based from Dino.
  • Character songs:


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