Diamond Castle is an ability used by Adelheid Suzuki through her Glacier Flames. She refers to it as a Muro Difesa Invincibile (無敵の防御壁(ムーロ・ディフェーザ・インヴィンチービレ), Mūro Difēza Invinchībire (Muteki no bōgyo kabe)?), Muro Difesa Invincibile, lit. "Invincible Defense Wall".

Description[edit | edit source]

Adelheid uses it to freeze water into a shape of a castle. It is impervious to any form of attack, physical or flame-enhanced. It can also repel a flame attack on the level of Tsuna's X-Burner.

However, it is not as powerful on the inside, which leads to it being destroyed by Roll's porcupine pieces in one of the cracks that Kyoya Hibari had made by attacking it.

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