Determination is the 143rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As Tsuna expresses his shock at the Kyoko from the past arriving in the future, an attack comes their way, where Tsuna is apparently hit while pushing Kyoko out of the way. As Tazaru prepares to kill Kyoko, Tsuna quickly saves her, putting her down safely and confronting Tazaru. At Gokudera's battle, Gokudera expresses his surprise Haru, Yamamoto, Lambo, and I-Pin's arrival in the future, telling them to hurry and run away. However, Nosaru attacks them, saying that he wouldn't let them escape. The attack hits, sending up a huge dust cloud.

At Tsuna's battle, Tsuna tells Kyoko to stay back. As Tsuna and Tazaru do battle, Kyoko watches on in amazement. Tsuna gets faster and faster, pummeling Tazaru with his punches. However, Tazaru suddenly drives an iron rod through Tsuna's shoulder. At Gokudera's battle, Gokudera groans, as he was only able to save I-Pin. However, when the dust clears, he sees Yamamoto protecting Lambo and Haru. As Nosaru expresses his happiness at taking down Yamamoto, Gokudera recalls the future Yamamoto instructing him to imagine his determination as a Flame, to which Gokudera does, his ring igniting. At Tsuna's battle, Tsuna is pushed back, falling onto the ground. As Kyoko runs forward, shouting to Tsuna, and Tazaru prepares to finish Tsuna off, Tsuna weakly gets up and states to Kyoko that he would protect her, even he had to trade his life for hers.

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