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Demon Spade,[1] often spelled Daemon Spade in fandom, was the first generation Mist Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. He eventually betrayed Vongola Primo and became the second generation Mist Guardian after Primo's forced resignation as the Vongola Boss. He is a powerful and dangerous illusionist that has been known to place a curse of death on people whom he had glared at through his lens. He served as the main antagonist in the Inheritance Ceremony Arc.

Character Outline[]


At his first appearance as Primo's Mist Guardian, he wore a French-like blue military uniform that he sometimes buttoned, yellow epaulette, white long pants, and brown boots. He wore a red shirt beneath his uniform and wore his lens around his neck like a necklace. Like Mukuro Rokudo, he also has a blue-haired pineapple-like hairstyle but shorter with two zigzag partings, lighter hair color and has bangs.

Later, in the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, when he possessed Julie's body, he was shown to have longer hair much like Mukuro and wore a long jacket with grey color on the outside and green pickle color on the inside along with its hoodie, white long pants, silver belt, black boots with several spade patterns and a black suit with white ties beneath the jacket.

After possessing Mukuro's body, he retained his pineapple-like hairstyle and had much longer hair that fell below his waist and was tied at the tips to form a distinctive dolphin-tail split. He wore a different outfit; a different military uniform that consisted of a white-colored cloth with the Vongola emblem pattern on its buttons, and a pair of spaulders with the same Vongola emblem and a spade, white gloves, black pants, and white boots. Since he was possessing Mukuro's body, his right eye was red-colored.


Originating from an aristocratic background, Demon speaks in an intellectual and formal yet surprisingly polite manner. This is most likely due to the nobilities' upbringing with strict codes of behavior. One of the examples is that he address himself as "watashi", refers to others as "anata", and ends his sentences with "desu" and "masu" in Japanese. Though, if he is thoroughly annoyed or enraged, he would drop the politeness altogether.

He used to be kind and compassionate, having the desire to protect the weak and defenseless, much like Giotto. Unlike nobles in general, Demon did not degrade commoners or indulge in luxury. Instead, he believed that no matter what position people had in life, highly capable people should become the backbone of society. He deeply loved the Vongola Famiglia that fulfilled their goal to protect people and fix the outlaws and dedicated everything he had for the Famiglia. From beginning, Demon already believed that power is necessary to control peace. This changed into obsession after Elena's death, turning him ruthless, cruel, inconsiderate, and merciless to enemies. He became determined to make Vongola the strongest organization which can easily crush other Mafia Famiglias, a heavy contradiction with the opinions of Primo and the other Guardians. However, while twisted, Demon truly believed that only through Vongola's guidance when it's at its strongest that peace can be maintained.

His obsession resulted in his intolerance of any form of weakness within Vongola, and instead believe that power and greed are the absolute justice in the Mafia world. He will do anything in order to create the Vongola that he desires and has no hesitation to kill innocent people, even if they are children or women, if he thinks sacrifices are necessary. This devotion continues even after many generations and led to his decision to annihilate Tsuna's Family so that he could recreate the Vongola in his image. His personality is overall quite similar to that of his modern-day counterpart, Mukuro, although he wants the Vongola to be strong whereas Mukuro has different goals in mind.

Having been a veteran Vongola member for hundreds of years, he is an intelligent and cunning individual. He mostly opted to act behind the scenes, arranging the chains of events by carefully deceiving or controlling people who are involved and waiting until he ensured that his plan had succeeded before taking action himself. He is not ashamed to run away from battle since from all of his experience that he had witnessed, he thinks that the only people who are able to survive in the Mafia world are people who chose to save their own lives rather than those who chose to die that he considers a meaningless death. Despite his intelligence, during the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, he appeared to become increasingly unstable as the battle goes on, becoming so overconfident that he was less cautious in battle.

It is also shown that he looked down on people of the past, seeing them as merely dead people who are buried in the ground, and felt somewhat insulted when Giotto and Cozzato mess with him by giving Tsuna their Flames that still live within Sky Vongola Ring and Earth Simon Ring, despite being already dead. Ironically though, contradicting his own words, the reason behind his actions was Elena, who is also dead.

Behind these apathetic and indifferent traits, however, he was actually tormented by guilt over what he perceived as his past failure; being unable to prevent Elena's death. He kept his affliction deep within him and devoted himself to fulfilling the promise he made to Elena so as not to cause further grief. These efforts, unfortunately, caused him to be blinded by his quest that he could not realize and he kept denying his true friendship with the Primo even though he secretly still treasured his bond with the Primo and the other Guardians, evidenced by his still keeping the pocket watch that Primo gave to him and the other first-generation Vongola Guardians.

Weapons and abilities[]

Demon Spade's alternative weapon

Demon Spade's Illusion takes the form of Tsuna

Demon Spade is an extremely powerful illusionist, so much that he is powerful enough to deceive the Arcobaleno's five senses and the Vongola's Hyper Intuition. His illusions are even capable of imitating his opponents' fighting style and techniques. He is able to use his illusions to copy his opponents' abilities and weapons, seen when he copied Hibari, Chrome, Ryohei, Lambo, Yamamoto, and Gokudera's Vongola Gears. With the construction characterization of the Mist Flame, he can create real objects or Box Weapons. The power of the illusion is comparable in both appearance and power to the actual object. It is also shown that he can disable the illusions of other people, as shown when he is able to remove Chrome's illusionary organs that Mukuro gave her and replace them with his own illusionary organs. Due to him being in possession of Julie's body, he's able to utilize both Mist Flame and Desert Flame, making him even more powerful, as both Flames specialized in illusions. He is also skilled in direct combat, able to fight on equal ground against Mukuro. When he possesses Mukuro's body, he gains the Flame of Night, along with Six Flames of the Earth and exceeding either his previous power or Mukuro's. His power has increased to the point where Mukuro refers to him as not a human, but a monster.


Demon Spade's Scythe

  • Demon Spade's Devil Lens: It is said that he could curse anyone he glared through this lens. This weapon is similar to the Vongola Mist Owl's Cambio Forma, enable him to scanning enemies movements, weaknesses, and illusions like when he fought Mukuro for the first time.
  • Scepter: He is shown to use a scepter as his alternative weapon for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Scythe: In the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, he's shown to use a Scythe as close-range weapon. The tip of the scythe can also be used as a Spear when the claw is not in use.
  • Simon Rings: He is able to use six Simon Rings (excluding Enma's) that he stole after he obtained Mukuro's body from Vindice Prison. These rings allow him to use six out of the Seven Flames of the Earth.
  • Deck of Cards: He is shown to use a deck of cards with a logo of a spade with "D" inside on the back of each card along with his illusions and he also uses these cards to send Yamamoto, Gokudera, Lambo, Hibari and Julie into his illusionary world.


  • Mind Control: He was shown to had used this ability to control Chrome in the Inheritance Succession arc and Inheritance Ceremony arc. In the manga, when he used this ability, a Spade symbol appeared on his right eye. The target of this technique will also have the same symbol on their eyes and their gaze will become empty, proving the mind control successful. While he controls someone with this ability, the Spade symbol will remain in his right eye.

Demon possessing various people through time.

  • Possession: He is able to possess people like Mukuro, using them as his vessel to interact with reality to keep existing for generations and continuously using this ability to possess Julie Kato's body for years as his temporary vessel. Though, this is most likely because he doesn't have any body to begin with because he's supposed to be dead. Unlike Mukuro, he is able to possess a body for extended periods of time and is able to feel pain. However, this possession also prevents him from using his full power, depending on the vessel he is possessing. (Such as when he was possessing Julie Kato, he said he could only use less than 10% of his usual power but was able to gain monstrous power after possessing Mukuro's body).
  • Fusion: After stealing Mukuro's Body his soul has fused with it, giving him a monstrous power that shown from huge mouth and eyes that appeared from the body as well as many new attributes. He was able to use nearly all the Simon rings as well as the Vindice's power and Vongola Gears. During this fusion, the Spade symbol in his right eye also remains in it just like when he used it to control someone.
  • Warp Hole: After Fusing with Mukuro's body, he has gained the same attributes as Vindice and able to go to any places through the portal like Vindice do, capable of traveling from the Vindice Prison to Simon Island within a matter of minutes. The aftershock of this technique destroys everything around him. This ability also allows him to send anyone into his illusionary world through his Cards.
  • Armamento Completo Demon: He uses six Simon Rings and six Vongola Gears using the mist replication, enables him to uses all elements of Sky and Earth all at once for exception of Sky Flame and Earth Flame.
  • Recovery: He is able to heal fatal damage using the monster mouth that appears on his body by licking the wound.
  • D Hazan: He uses Yamamoto's Rain Vongola Gear and makes waves of sword slashes that cut his enemies.
  • Replication: Demon can create six copies of himself with the same amount of power, the damage inflict at one of them is reduced to 1/6th only attacking all of them at the same time inflict normal damage.
  • Flame of Night Coating: Demon coats his body with the Flame of Night to increase his power to the point that the Gravity flame was ineffective.

Appearance in other media[]

Demon has made two appearances in other media. First is in a drama cd and second in a light novel.

In Drama CD: Proof of Friendship, Demon appeared along with the other first generation Family, in the middle of paper work. When Giotto declined that idea of taking lunch together and went out rather hastily, Demon noticed that Giotto's behaviour is unusual, leading the other Guardians for exception of Alaudi, worried. When Lampow guessed that Giotto might have a lover, Demon supported this guess and added that Giotto might be attacked if he's left alone, making the other Guardians worried. Overcome by their worries, G, Lampow, Ugetsu, and Knuckle decided to follow Giotto, but Demon and Alaudi didn't join them because they still have some works to do. Demon and Alaudi then arrived at Talbot's craft shop after they found the invitation letters that Giotto had placed in their quarters and they went to the restaurant where Giotto had arranged a special dinner for them. At the restaurant, he received a golden pocket watch as proof of their friendship from Giotto and toasted for their Family and eternal friendship.

In Secret Bullet Volume 5, he made a brief appearance in the last chapter of the volume, near the end of the chapter that took place several days before the Inheritance Ceremony. While disguising as Julie, Demon served the Simon Family foods that symbolize the Vongola in order to test whether Enma and the others have a change of heart in going through with their plan to fight the Vongola after seeing them getting closer with Tsuna and the others. He was relieved to see that they're still determined to destroy Vongola, musing that things goes according to his plan.


  • In Reborn! Fandom, his shorthand is "Dae" or "D" since when he first introduced in the manga, his first name was written in romaji "D" while his last name was written in Japanese.
  • Like his last name, he is often described with the Spade symbol and even his subordinates also wear hoods with the Spade symbol, which is said to represent darkness, intellect, and death.
  • So far, he's the only character in the series that shown to use one of Seven Flames of the Sky and Six of Seven Flames of the Earth, as well as using his Mist element to replicate the five more of the Seven Flames of the Sky, giving Demon the most flames usable by one person.
  • He's the only character that possesses the same attribute as Vindice aside from the Vindice themselves.
  • Nicholas Wong from Psycho-Pass: The Movie resembles Demon when possessing Mukuro's body, as both characters were designed by Akira Amano.
  • In the CCG Reborn! Collectible cards, his special white card has his name written as "Demon S," while other products just list his name as "D. Spade."
  • It's revealed that unlike Mukuro, he accepted the fact that his hair resembles pineapple despite his dislike whenever someone point this out.
  • Demon is the only person who has been able to escape from Vindice water prison.
  • Demon is the only main antagonist to act individually in the series, unlike other antagonists who act in group.
  • Demon Spade is the only Guardian shown so far who has served in two different generations, as he was the Guardian of the Mist from the first and the second generation.
  • Demon is the only main antagonist who died in the series and also the only one who didn't join Tsuna and his friends in The Curse of the Rainbow Arc.
  • Mukuro Rokudo and Demon Spade have many similarities:
    • Both have a similar signature laugh even though Mukuro started it with "ku" while Demon started it with "nu".
    • Both served as main antagonist in a story arc, Mukuro in Kokuyo Arc and Demon in Inheritance Ceremony Arc.
    • Both have the same mannerisms.
    • Both have the same "pineapple" hairstyle, except Demon has bangs, and his hair is shorter and a lighter shade than Mukuro's.
    • Both wear earrings; however, Mukuro doesn't wear them in the anime and Demon Spade's ears are covered by his hair.
    • Both have "special abilities" that are represented by a symbol in their right eye.
    • Both can control people's minds and possess them.
    • Both are backstabbers.
    • Both consider people as toys or tools, but have soft spot for certain people; Mukuro cares for his subordinates in Kokuyo Gang, whilst Demon loved Elena.
    • Both think of the Vongola Bosses of their generations to be unfit to become Mafia Boss; Demon thought Giotto was too soft and unfit to lead the Vongola, whilst Mukuro thought Tsuna is too naive and unfit to become part of the mafia.
    • Both has used Chrome; Mukuro used her to communicate through the outside world while Demon used her to lure Mukuro.
    • However, they still maintain a certain level of respect for their Vongola bosses. Demon Spade still keeps the watch Giotto gave him, showing that even though he doesn't show it, he still values ​​his friendship with him. While Mukuro, he came to trust Tsuna enough to trust his subordinates to him.


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