The Delfino di Pioggia, nicknamed as Alfin, is a Rain-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Basil. Its design is unique even among the Box Weapons left by Geppetto Lorenzini and is considered a prototype Box Weapon furnished with an advanced communication system.

Plot Overview

Basil acquired it along with his Ring and the Helper's Book in Spain after being sent ten years in the Future. Alfin and Basil fought the Millefiore Famiglia forces approximately 8 times in the 10 days that it took Basil to reach the Vongola Underground Base.


The Delfino di Pioggia is highly intelligent and is capable of achieving mutual understanding with most Animal-type Box Weapons. It can communicate and coordinate with other Animal-type Box Weapons to deliver complex combination attacks.

Combination attacks


  • Dolphin Edge: ((ドルフィネッジ, Dorufin Ejji?)) Alfin sends out multiple projectiles shaped like edged weapons. Since these projectiles are infused with Rain Flames, the targets will receive effects of the Tranquility characteristic.Template:Ref The projectiles resemble Basil's own weapon, the Metal Edge.
  • Dolphin Pulse ((ドルフィンパルス, Dorufin Parusu?))
  • Special Attack ((特攻, Tokkō?))
  • Swimming Blade Dance ((泳舞斬, Eibuzan?))
  • Telepathy: Allows Alfin to respond to telepathic commands from Basil, with its SS-ranked intelligence playing a factor in this as well. The Rain Flames covering Alfin's brain boost this ability.Template:Ref



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