The Delfino di Pioggia, nicknamed as Alfin, is a Rain-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Basil. Its design is unique even among the Box Weapons left by Geppetto Lorenzini and is considered a prototype Box Weapon furnished with an advanced communication system.

Plot Overview[edit | edit source]

Basil acquired it along with his Ring and the Helper's Book in Spain after being sent ten years in the Future. Alfin and Basil fought the Millefiore Famiglia forces approximately 8 times in the 10 days that it took Basil to reach the Vongola Underground Base.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Delfino di Pioggia is highly intelligent and is capable of achieving mutual understanding with most Animal-type Box Weapons. It can communicate and coordinate with other Animal-type Box Weapons to deliver complex combination attacks.

  • Dolphin Edge: (ドルフィネッジ, Dorufin Ejji?) Alfin sends out multiple projectiles shaped like edged weapons. Since these projectiles are infused with Rain Flames, the targets will receive effects of the Tranquility characteristic.

[1][2] The projectiles resemble Basil's own weapon, the Metal Edge.

  • Dolphin Pulse (ドルフィンパルス, Dorufin Parusu?)
  • Special Attack (特攻, Tokkō?)
  • Swimming Blade Dance (泳舞斬, Eibuzan?)
  • Telepathy: Allows Alfin to respond to telepathic commands from Basil, with its SS-ranked intelligence playing a factor in this as well. The Rain Flames covering Alfin's brain boost this ability.[1][2]

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