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Deisy[2] is the real Sun Funeral Wreath and, as such, possesses the Sun Mare Ring. With the other Funeral Wreaths, Deisy reigned over other Parallel Worlds; however, in this universe, he instead faced great misfortunes. However, Byakuran found him, and because of Deisy's resolution to him, showed him how to become stronger.


He has long, wavy green hair.


During Choice, Deisy appeared to be paranoid and fearful of being hurt while constantly carrying a ripped toy rabbit called Bubu; however, this was shown to be an act to please Byakuran. In reality, Deisy is violent and obsessed with death, brought on by his inability to die.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Deisy after activating his Sun Box of Asura

Like the other Funeral Wreaths, Deisy has been told about all the opponents Byakuran has fought in parallel worlds. As such, he knows all of their techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Thanks to his Sun Mare Ring, his cells activate at extreme speeds, making him effectively immortal.

  • Rinoceronte del Sereno - Deisy's Box Animal is a Sun Rhino that was petrified by Dino's Cavallo Alato and smashed by Hibari's Vongola Cloud Hedgehog.
  • Sun-attribute Asura Box - Deisy's most powerful Weapon, a Box Weapon placed where his heart would be. When activated, it transforms him into a lizard/human hybrid with wing-shaped Sun Flames coming out of his back. This form gives him the ability to use his Sun Flames to regenerate any part of his body, even severed limbs. Additionally, severed limbs can still move even after being separated and grow into a new body.


Deisy before he was found by Byakuran

  • Byakuran described him in Choice "The Living Zombie" because he can never die unless you take away his mare ring like Hibari did.
  • The Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after Flowers. Deisy was named after the Daisy flower.
  • Despite his healing ability, Deisy has a number of scars on his face and bandages on his hands.
  • Before he was found by Byakuran, Deisy was held in a mental institution. When Deisy was staying at the institution, his doll, Bubu, had no stitches or tears.
  • As stated by Kikyo, Deisy has a weakness for the lovely and fragile.
  • Deisy was the first Funeral Wreath to open their Asura Box.
  • Deisy and Torikabuto are considered the two weakest Funeral Wreaths; this was stated by Kikyo after the two of them were defeated.
  • He shares his stage actor, Toman, with Ginger Bread.


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