Decoy is the 181st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The alarm sounds, much to Tsuna, his Guardians, and Lal Mirch's alarm. Lal Mirch curses Ginger Bread, stating that he must have reported them. They hurry and run away, with Shoichi Irie watching them over the monitor, wondering out loud to himself why they are here. Shoichi then orders the Cervello to send a recon team to the Vongola hideout. He wonders why they didn't find the Vongola until now, via the surveillance cameras.

Iris then appears on the large screen, informing Shoichi that a filter was put in the camera to only show the background, as if nothing was happening. Shoichi asks how Iris noticed, to which Iris replied that she only noticed by accident, as there was a damaged section in the hanger. The camera then zooms out, showing a tied-up Dendro Chilum beside Iris. She states that Ginger Bread and the "old turban guy" must have noticed it as well.

Suddenly, the surveillance system is destroyed. Shoichi immediately orders one of his officers to contact Spanner, a B-Rank officer, who is in the area. Shoichi orders him to guard section B8. Spanner then shows his three Strau Mosca mutely standing behind him. When one of Shoichi's officers question Spanner's reliability, Shoichi confidently states that Spanner was worthy of trust.

Meanwhile, the Vongola successfully break the server. Gokudera, however, questions Yamamoto's knowledge of the Arcobaleno. Suddenly, Lal Mirch collapses and tells them to go on without her, and that she would catch up later. Tsuna expresses his concern, but Lal Mirch dismisses it, saying that her fight with Ginger Bread was a little rough. Tsuna and his Guardians, however, refuse. They move on and realize they need a decoy. Tsuna hurriedly volunteers and rushes off. Lal Mirch watches and mentally comments that Reborn's students have grown up. In a tunnel, 4 Strau Moska are heading towards Tsuna.

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