Dark Shadow is the 319th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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At Vongola ship, Timoteo asked Ganauche III if they got any news from Tsuna since it has been four days since he allowed Tsuna to subdue Simon Famiglia. Ganauche answered that they haven't and suggested Timoteo to sleep since he hasn't sleep much the past four days but Timoteo refused. Nie Brow Jr. then entered the room with information regarding Simon Family. He informed that all seven families members of Simon had died early. Timoteo then asked if they persecuted, when Nie Brow Jr. told him that many cases happened within Vongola and an allied Famiglias' territory, it is quite unlikely that their members know about Simon.

Timoteo then asked again if they were really persecuted or not, surprised Ganauche and Nie Brow Jr., who then apologized and promised that they would speed up the confirmation. However, he then revealed that Enma's parents and sister's case is little different to what happened from the other families members and reminded Timoteo about "The Flood of Blood" incident that jurisdiction by CEDEF, shocking Timoteo who remembered and made a face of disbelief.

Enma dreaming about his sister

Back at Simon base, in Enma's room, Enma had a nightmare about his sister and kept calling her name with Adelheid Suzuki sat beside him as she wondered how Enma found out that Tsuna's father was the one who killed his family. She suspected that Julie Kato told him. She wondered again why Julie went this far to agitate Enma, and if it was in order to stir up his will to fight and thought that in the past, he wasn't that kind of person who would do such a thing. Adelheid then left the room, but not before she tells Enma that she understand his feeling and promised him she would purge the Vongola.

Meanwhile, Tsuna's group are continuing down the path. Lambo asks Tsuna to play with him since he cannot stand the silence until Gokudera tells him to shut up and looked up, worried about Tsuna and Reborn who hadn't spoken since the last confrontation with Enma. A helicopter then flew near them but then flew away. Gokudera said not to worry about it in cheerful way to cheer Tsuna but failed. Tsuna then finally spoke that he doesn't know if he was doing the right thing anymore. He doesn't think that Enma and his friends are doing the right thing, but he said that he would probably do the same if he's was in Enma's situation. Gokudera then protested that they still not sure if what Enma said was the truth but Tsuna didn't think that Enma was lying because he could feel his sadness and sorrow through his fist when he fought him. Reborn then commented that he didn't think that it was a ruse but even if Enma was telling the truth, he asked Tsuna if the Simon really wanted things to turn out this way. He continued saying that when Enma lost himself and attacked them, he felt something off and have a strong hunch that there's some dark shadow behind the Simon.

Meanwhile, at Julie's room, Chrome Dokuro changed her clothes to the Simon Middle School uniform. Demon Spade appeared as he commented that the uniform fits her and said that he want to quickly get used to controlling her mind, so she can stay with him all the time as he changed back to Julie, saying it's just like a date and ordered her to come closer and snuggle up to him, which Chrome obeyed.

Hibari's helicopter arrives

Back at Tsuna and the others, Gokudera felt uneasy about the dark shadow that Reborn had mentioned as they don't have absolute proof, but it just doesn't sit right with him. Reborn replied, that just as Tsuna said before, by seeing honesty in each members of Simon and terrible action as a group, he felt something off about it. When Reborn said that he started to think perhaps the Simon aren't monolithic, Adelheid arrived and shouted not to say something absurd, stated that they, Simon are united. Adelheid then challenged the group for a duel, which Gokudera said that he will be her opponent but Reborn said to forget it since he had used all of his flames to fight Shitt P!, Thus, he cannot use his Vongola Gear, and he doesn't think that Lambo will be lucky enough to win against her and with Tsuna's current state. He comments that this isn't good. Adelheid then challenged Tsuna as she asked what his pride is.

With Tsuna confused about it, Adelheid said to him that he should have nothing to be confused about and questioned that the cruel blood that runs through Tsuna's veins is his pride, which upsets Tsuna even further and causes Gokudera to yell that she had said enough until the helicopter from before arrived. From the helicopter, Kusakabe piloting the helicopter wished Hibari good luck for his fight, which Hibari replied right as he jumped from the helicopter with a smile on his face, ready to fight Adelheid to settle their unfinished fight.

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