Dark Clouds is the 249th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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With two enemies defeated, Shoichi tells Yamamoto and Tsuna to forget about their Motorcycles and fly straight to the Millefiore's base. At the same time, Kikyo is trying to get to the Vongola base but is being distracted by the decoys. Deisy seems a bit worried about the two heading his way but Kikyo reassures him that this whole Choice Battle is just a ceremony for Byakuran becoming the new king of the world. He then begins to become more serious.

Meanwhile at the Vongola base, Spanner notices that Tsuna is not going in the opposite direction and believes that the contacts broke. Elsewhere, Yamamoto finds the Millefiore's base but is told by Shoichi to wait for Tsuna to arrive there. Suddenly, Spanner notices that the decoys are getting destroyed at a faster rate, Shoichi reacting by getting Yamamoto to attack the Millefiore's base. Spanner then notices that Kikyo is just 1 km from the base and Shoichi makes sure that Gokudera is ready since he was the line of defense. Shoichi tells Gokudera that he just wanted him to hold Kikyo back until Yamamoto and Tsuna defeated Deisy.

Gokudera could see the explosions of the decoys from a distance, but the moment he readies himself for battle, Kikyo is right in front of him, staring at him, face to face. Gokudera opens the box containing Uri, but Kikyo slaps Uri aside then knocks Gokudera down. Gokudera and Uri both recover quickly and Gokudera tells Kikyo that he isn't going to get past him. Showing his five rings with the five Flames, he is ready to use his new Sistema C.A.I., but Kikyo uses his Bell Flowers to seal all of Gokudera's boxes, Kikyo flying passed the stunned Gokudera. Shoichi is not worried too much about Kikyo cause he believes that since he and Spanner fixed Tsuna's navigation, Tsuna could go to the Millefiore's base. Tsuna tells them that the navigation system was never broken, and Spanner and Shoichi see a 1.5k m radius flame distortion around Tsuna on the radar, and it is revealed that Torikabuto was never defeated and had trapped Tsuna in an illusion.

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