Daigoro Ooyama is an anime-only character that is the Namimori High School karate club captain.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Daigoro has a shaved head with short black hair, thick to thin eyebrows, a thick jaw, and large ears. He typically wears the karate club uniform.

Personality Edit

Daigoro appears to be quite protective of his brother Ushio Ooyama and wants him to have the best life possible, as he tried to improve his life by getting Kyoko Sasagawa as their manager.

Plot Overview Edit

Daily Life Arc Edit

He arrives with his brother Ushio and his karate club to challenge Ryohei's boxing club to have Kyoko as their manager, but were easily defeated by Ryohei, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Bianchi.

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