Dad's Coming Home is the 357th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Wonomichi arrives back at a base, the man with the iron hat thanking Wonomichi. The man with the iron hat asks Wonomichi if he gave all the information he told him to give, the latter replying in the positive. In Japan, Tsuna wakes up and sees Lambo, I-Pin, and, surprisingly, his dad jumping up to the second floor window, his bedroom window. Tsuna, surprised, rushes down and sees his father, Iemitsu, at home.

Iemitsu hugs Tsuna happily, but Tsuna pushes him away, saying that whenever he came home, things got messed up. Nana, however, interrupts Tsuna and reprimands him for speaking to Iemitsu that way, Nana stating that Iemitsu had worked hard to dig for oil. From this statement, Tsuna remembers that Nana didn't know that Iemitsu was actually the CEDEF head.

Suddenly, the rest of the CEDEF members arrive, Tsuna noticing that Basil and Colonnello were present. Tsuna is surprised to see Colonnello carrying the wristwatch suitcase and realizes that he would be battling against his father. Reborn then tells Tsuna that he should remember one particular person among them. Tsuna realizes with surprise that the Lal Mirch in her cursed form was there, due to her "keen eyes". Oregano and Turmeric then introduce themselves as Iemitsu's "fellow workers". Iemitsu then asks Nana if his "fellow workers" could stay at their house, Nana happily agreeing.

While Tsuna expresses his excitement at being able to play with Basil, Basil excitedly states that he was excited to train with Tsuna, and that he wanted to fight him ever since he got stronger in the future. Suddenly, Byakuran arrives, much to everyone's shock. Tsuna is nervous, but Byakuran casually makes small talk with Tsuna, Iemitsu noting that the air between them wasn't tense. Byakuran then reveals himself as Uni's representative, and proposes to Tsuna that they form an alliance in the upcoming battle royale of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

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