Curse-Released Battle is the 402nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Bermuda destroys the watches simultaneously, revealing his ability to short warp infinitely. His motive is to prevent Tsuna from receiving help from the others. Fon comments that Bermuda is nothing like Jaeger. Reborn asks Tsuna if he can get a read on Bermuda's movement but Tsuna replies in the negative. Due to his hyper intuition, Tsuna is able to dodge a few of Bermuda's attacks. However, he still gets hit ultimately. Just as Bermuda is about to deliver the finishing blow, a shot is fired by Reborn, who is now in his uncursed form as well. However, Tsuna still does not recognize him and Reborn introduces himself as an old friend of Reborn. Reborn says that Checker Face has allowed him to join the team, which proves to be untrue, as Wonomichi says that he has not received such information. Besides Verde, there stands an artificial puppet of Reborn.

Bermuda and Reborn commence battling but Reborn dodges all of his attack with ease. Colonnello comments that it is impossible to avoid getting hit with Reborn's reflexes. Verde questions if Reborn achieved it by reading Bermuda's movement, which Fon affirms, stating that it is the secret which made Reborn the best hitman. However, Bermuda finds a way around it and his attacks are starting to hit their target. Bermuda tells Reborn that his interference is meaningless. However, Reborn reveals that his purpose is to shot just one bullet. After saying "Come die in an instant," Reborn fires at Bermuda but the latter dodges. Tsuna seem to have caught onto something, recalling the past from Reborn's word. The bullet makes a turn, surprising Bermuda. It hits Tsuna just as he realizes that the bullet is the dying will bullet.



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