Hyper Tsuna

Tsuna shot by the Criticism Shot

Template:WeaponsThe Criticism Shot (死ぬ気弾, Kogoto Dan) was used for the first time during Tsuna's fight against Mukuro. This bullet came from Leon's cocoon stage after he lost his tail at the same time that the X-Gloves emerged. The effect of this Bullet is for the target to experience real-time rebukes from people that they know. This allows the internal limiters to be lifted and causes the target to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode. The result of the Hyper Dying Will Mode is to increase the battle sense of the user and in a Vongola Boss' case, greatly increases the Vongola Hyper Intuition. This allows them to sense Illusions and to read people (both mentally and physically).


  • The Criticism Shot is often translated as the "Rebuke Bullet" or the "Scolding Bullet."
  • When Tsuna used it for the first time, his body ached for two weeks because he was not accustomed to the pressure it put on his body.
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