Coordination is the 263rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Kikyo and Bluebell are surprised at Tsuna's speed, but Kikyo is confident that Tsuna cannot defeat Torikabuto since Tsuna was not able to defeat him during the game of Choice. Torikabuto opens his Mist-attribute Asura Box which gives him moth like wings and also strengthens the power of his illusions. Torikabuto's illusion causes the surroundings to spin, making the Vongola dizzy. Kikyo is confident that Tsuna's Hyper Intuition will not help him in locating Torikabuto. However, with the help of Chrome's Mist Cambio Forma, Demon Spade's Devil Lens, Tsuna is able to attack Torikabuto and end the illusions. Seeing Torikabuto is at a disadvantage, Kikyo tries to help him but is stopped by Basil, Reborn and Ryohei. An angered Bluebell tries to open her Shonisauro Pioggia, but she is stopped by Kikyo who tells her to retreat after seeing Tsuna defeat Torikabuto with an X-Burner. After the two leave, Tsuna, Gamma and Uni return to the ground to check on their wounded comrades.

Meanwhile in a hotel in Japan, Zakuro, Kikyo and Bluebell inform Byakuran about the defeats of Deisy and Torikabuto. Byakuran dismisses the news, thinking that the two were the weakest of the six, and contacts Iris to go with his plan concerning Vindice Prison and something that needs to be delivered.

Elsewhere at Europe, Iris and her subordinates arrive at the Prison and reluctantly open the prison where the last of the Funeral Wreaths, Ghost, is resting. It is seen that Ghost has a mark under his eye that is similar to Byakuran's.

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