Consultation is the 292nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Returning from his talk with the Ninth, Tsuna talks to Enma about what has happened. As Tsuna talks about the reasons why he should not be the next boss, Enma asks him why he was telling him this to which Tsuna apologizes, saying that he doesn't have anyone to talk to about it. When Tsuna said that they are alike, Enma seems to get angry, saying not to put him in the same category because his family has dealt with a lot of crap from other mafia families because they were a weak and small family.

As Tsuna apologizes again, Enma tells him that there are times when he feels he could be friends with him because Tsuna is different from the other scary mafia bosses. Hearing this, Tsuna says that he already considers Enma as a friend and also his family, since they really get along with his friends. Tsuna thinks that even without a ceremony, he really thinks it's great that they could meet each other. Before Enma could say something, Nana Sawada tells them that the bath is ready and Tsuna leaves to take a bath first.

After Tsuna leaves, Enma immediately calls Adelheid Suzuki and tells her that he really thinks Tsuna is not a bad guy. Adelheid tells him to test him by himself, but reminds him not to forget the Vongola Sin. After Adelheid hungs up, Enma writes a letter for Tsuna, saying that he is being threatened by the same Mafia group who took down the Giegue Famiglia and the ones who are trying to interfere with the Vongola Inheritance Ceremony. Enma continues to write by saying that he plans to go to the factory site at noon and want his help. Later that night, when Tsuna falls asleep, Enma stands up and leaves the letter on Tsuna's desk. As he leaves the house, Enma bumps into Gokudera who interrogates him about what he is doing. Enma manages to leave by saying that he left his school supplies in the guest house and tells him that he is going back to get it.

The next day, Tsuna is waked by Lambo and I-Pin. As I-Pin opens the window, Enma's letter is blown by the wind and falls in the trashcan. Tsuna didn't notice this and goes to prepare to go to school. Later that day, Adelheid sees Tsuna together with Gokudera and Yamamoto walking to school. Meanwhile, at the factory, Enma is waiting to see if Tsuna will help him...

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