Conflict is the 341st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Everyone is shocked by Enma's decision to sacrifice his life in order to defeat Demon Spade. Tsuna reminds Enma that the Harmony Flames of his XX-Burner that he used on him will not be able to defeat Demon. If he uses stronger Flames with destructive power, Enma will die. Enma, however, states that he is aware of this and answers that there is no other option left to defeat Demon. Demon realizes that Tsuna is incapable of shooting because achieving victory by sacrificing his comrades is unthinkable to him. Mukuro Rokudo agrees that Tsuna's hesitation to make important decision for victory is his fatal weakness.

Enma once again convinces Tsuna that if they lose here, there will be no way to save the remaining Simon members and requests Tsuna to do this for him as a favor. Tsuna agrees but Demon interrupts, bringing up Tsuna's memories with Enma, whom he finally met again, making Tsuna hesitate once again. As Enma's flames begin to weaken, Chrome Dokuro jumps to Enma and shouts at Tsuna to shoot as she will protects Enma with Cortina Nebbia. Realizing that Chrome's Flames are not enough to handle XX-Burner, Mukuro has no choice but to help her by transferring every last bit of his Flames to Chrome's trident, strengthening the barrier. No longer worried about his friends getting hurt, Tsuna blasts the devastating XX-Burner at full power towards Demon.

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