Conclusion! is the 65th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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As the wind caused by Boja Reppa from the end of the previous episode clears, Lancia is revealed to have come to the Vongola members aid, surprising everyone and causing Chrome to comment that he was the one Mukuro had been talking with. However, Lancia clarifies that he hasn't come to save them, rather he's there to thank them, specifically Tsuna. Ken & Chikusa seem shocked by his presence and Mammon seems troubled, but Belphegor asks who he is prompting Squalo to label him as a renowned Mafia killer, said to be the strongest in Northern Italy. Reborn furthers this by saying that when he's fighting of his own free will rather than under the control of someone like Mukuro he's even more of a force to be reckoned with. All of this seems to amuse Bel rather than scare him and he quickly flings his knives directly at Tsuna, but they fail to hit their target as Yamamoto uses his sword to block the attack. Mammon moves to implement their own attack but is swiftly engulfed in an illusion of lava eruptions by Chrome. Hibari, with his tonfas chains extended, appears behind Bel announcing it to be all over, backed up by Ryohei, while Gokudera rushes in to check on an exhausted Tsuna. After Tsuna's reassurance, Gokudera prepares his dynamite and joins the others in their circle protecting Tsuna from the Varia pair and their wounded boss. Bel realises they're at a severe numbers disadvantage and drops his knives while Mammon tells Xanxus it's over, though this only ignites his anger again and causes him to curse at them all.

At the spectator area, Squalo asks Dino whether he thinks Xanxus would've given up his desire for the title of the tenth generation boss if he knew the secret power of the rings, to which Dino confesses he doesn't know. Squalo says that it would've made his anger burn even brighter until he destroyed the rings and the rules that kept him from the position, and then goes further to say that Tsuna and his guardians are part of their Mafia world now and that one day they'll wish they'd died here during the ring battle.

The remaining Cervello appears before Xanxus, announcing his disqualification and confiscates the Sky ring, thanking him for his cooperation before it is revealed that three more Cervello have appeared. The Cervello then formally announce that the tournament for the rings has ended and that due to Xanxus' disqualification Tsuna is now the victor of the Sky battle and the official inheritors of the Vongola Rings will be Tsuna and his guardians. Reborn congratulates him and says he can finally go home, prompting Tsuna to take out the victory charm that Kyoko made for him and he remembers all his family and friends that helped him get to this point before finally passing out, making his guardians and supporters worry.

Some time later, Tsuna awakens back in his own room and is relieved when he realises that the battle is finally over, but quickly finds his whole body is in pain from the ordeal. He comes downstairs and finds I-Pin, Futa & a recovered Lambo hanging off Lancia in his living room, Tsuna thanks him for his help as Lancia politely asks him to deal with the children. Sitting at the table with Nana, Reborn happily informs Tsuna that they're going out to a party, causing Tsuna to think that somehow his mother has found out about the ring battle, but is relieved when she says it's to celebrate Lambo's release from hospital. The group arrives at Yamamoto's house, where they are welcomed by Yamamoto's father before being greeted by Gokudera, Yamamoto, Basil, Kyoko, Dino, Haru, Ryohei, Colonnello & Hana. Haru promptly congratulates Tsuna on his Sumo tournament victory, as this was the lie that had told the girls to cover up the ring battles.

Gokudera runs up to Tsuna and confides that even though they told everyone else it was for Lambo and the Sumo tournament, he, Yamamoto and Ryohei know what it's really about and they're all revealed to be wearing their Vongola Rings either as intended or on a chain around their neck. Tsuna is shocked by this, and Reborn states that Hibari and Chrome have also been sent their completed rings before presenting Tsuna with his own, but Tsuna refuses saying he doesn't want it. Dino tells Tsuna he never changes before informing him that Vongola Nono was in a stable condition, much to Tsuna's relief, telling him that that means he won't have to become the Vongola Tenth for a while yet. Tsuna reiterates that he has no desire to ever join the mafia, meanwhile Gokudera daydreams about what their life in the mafia will be like and Lambo tries to tell the girls he found his Lightning Ring in some dumpster.

Haru and Kyoko interrupt to inform Tsuna that to commemorate his Sumo victory they'd made him a custom champion's belt with his name engraved on it, which Tsuna gratefully accepts. Lambo is envious until Haru tells him they prepared something for him too, showing him a box full of assorted trinkets and toys. Tsuna ends up alone with Kyoko, who gives him her heartfelt congratulations before asking him about the tournament, as Tsuna struggles to answer Bianchi interrupts with her poison cooking and Gokudera is promptly overcome by a stomachache. Shamal admonishes his student, reminding him that he doesn't treat guys before attempting to kiss Bianchi, causing her to slap him in the face with her cooking, knocking him out like Hayato. Tsuna then takes a moment to look around and admire his family as they each celebrate the victory in their own ways, as Basil and Lancia quietly take their leave.

Tsuna notices however and quickly runs after the pair, saying they can't go back to Italy yet, but Basil says he's been called back and Lancia confesses he's not good at farewells. Before he goes, Reborn asks whether it was true that he had come due a request from Mukuro, but Lancia says he hasn't spoken to him since they were imprisoned but the day before the Sky battle he got a weird premonition, thinking that ironically he may be sensitive to Mukuro's thoughts now due to the extended period of mind control. He says he's happy to have helped, and now wishes to go back and help all the families he destroyed while under Mukuro's control, but before going decides to gift Tsuna with his boss's ring and Basil gives him something as well. Lambo comes running in saying he wants in on the picnic, before Tsuna captures him and tells him there was no picnic and that the pair were heading back to Italy. Reborn then asks him what Basil gave him, revealing a box of Dying Will Pills. Lambo interrupts him and begins to bounce up and down on him before Reborn transforms Leon into his own ball and chain and hits Lambo with his own Boja Reppa. Lambo retaliates with grenades, but Reborn turns Leon into a balloon and evades causing Tsuna to be hit by the blast instead. Back at the Yamamoto's, everyone is finally leaving and Kyoko wonders where Tsuna is before they hear a wail from up above and see Tsuna clinging to a pole asking for help.

Back at home, Tsuna writes in a letter that everyone had gone back to their own weird version of normal while Iemitsu and Vongola Nono would decide what do with Xanxus and the Varia. Tsuna complains to Reborn, asking why he should have to write a letter to his own Dad before Reborn reminds him that he needs to practice his writing, he is still a tutor after all. He also tells Tsuna that apparently Iemitus has been crying out for Nana in the hospital, causing Tsuna to say they should get her to do it instead, but Reborn says either way he still has to do all the homework he let pile up during the battles. After Reborn punishes Tsuna for once again saying he's not going to join the mafia Reborn reminds him that now that the tournament was over he would be going back to his hellish days with Reborn, telling Tsuna he's not allowed to sleep until he's finished while Reborn himself promptly falls asleep much to Tsuna's anguish.

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