Combination is the 152nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna finds Kyoko safe at Hana's house, but asks Hana to keep her there a while longer after Lal Mirch tells him to hurry towards Namimori Shrine.

Gokudera starts the Combination attack

At Namimori Shrine, Gokudera and Yamamoto discuss their teamwork, then attack. Gokudera uses Rocket Bombs to distract Gamma, while Yamamoto comes from the side and attempts to slash Gamma. However, Gamma unleashes his Electric Foxes, warning Yamamoto that any contact would electrocute him. Gamma states to Gokudera that his shots were useless, but Gokudera fires another shot, while Yamamoto attempts to use Shinotsuku Ame against Gamma, creating a two-way attack. Gamma flies into the forest, apparently defeated, but comes back and shocks them with his Electric Foxes. Gamma then questions why the 10th Vongola Boss has come back from the dead. Meanwhile, Lal Mirch informs Tsuna that they would have to take a detour, as the road was flooded with enemies. At Hana's house, Kyoko is having a conversation with Hana, telling her that they came from 10 years ago. Hana then informs Kyoko that Ryohei was overseas for a "boxing camp", and in case of an emergency, she should contact Tsuna. If that didn't work, then she would have to contact "there". Hibari is then shown, stating to Namimori that it's been a long time.

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