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Colonnello[1] is one of the seven Arcobaleno and the holder of the Blue Arcobaleno Pacifier. He is in charge of the training ground behind Mafia Land and was a former member of the COMSUBIN, taught by Lal Mirch.

Character Outline[]


Manga arcobaleno appearance.

Colonnello has blonde, spiky hair, light blue eyes, and wears green army camouflage. He wears black army boots and a camouflage bandana around his head.


Colonnello has a tendency to add "-kora!" ("Hey!" in Japanese in an abrupt interjection), to the end of his sentences. He is not averse to using heavy artillery, using an anti-tank rifle as his primary Weapon. He has mastered the martial arts karate and SAMBO. Falco, the bird on top of Colonnello's head, helps him fly to distant places. Colonnello acts as a rival towards Reborn and vice-versa, but despite this, he shares many traits with Reborn, like being a merciless tutor, suddenly taking naps (often while talking), and having a sharp tongue.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Like all Arcobaleno, Colonnello can emit his Dying Will Flames throughout his body.

  • Rifle: Colonnello has been shown to be able to emit his Dying Will Flames with his Rifle, making it extremely powerful.
  • Maximum Burst: The Rifle charges up power and releases an extremely powerful shot.
  • Maximum Rifle: An attack Colonnello uses with his upgraded rifle. Colonnello fires a powerful shot that can split up and destroy multiple targets.
  • Special Shot: This bullet allows Colonnello to instruct their students by sealing their memories into a bullet that they fire into them.
  • Flying: With the aid of his Animal Partner, Falco, he is able to fly.
  • COMSUBIN Training: Because of his training in the COMSUBIN, he is a trap expert and a Combat specialist.


Colonnello in his Mafia Land Costume

  • His catchphrase is "kora," which is a slightly impolite way to say "hey" in Japanese.
  • According to Reborn, he single-handedly took out 1,375 hitmen from another Italian Mafia Famiglia.
  • Colonnello's favorite word is "sparta," also adding his catchphrase "kora" to the end while saying it.
  • Colonnello is ranked as the 4th most capable mafioso of defending a village, should a monster appear.
  • Colonnello's name is Italian for "colonel."
  • Colonnello's fandom number is 56.
  • So far, Colonnello has worn 2 kinds of costumes throughout the anime:
    • Mafia Land Costume - Closed jacket with military cap.
    • Entire Colonnello Costume - Opened jacket with handkerchief around his forehead with an 01 pin.
  • He considers himself as Skull's senior, as does Reborn, and they often punish him for doing something wrong or cowardly.
  • Sports drinks are Colonnello's favorite type of drink.
  • Colonnello, along with Reborn, often sleeps with his eyes open.