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The Cloud Tonfas are Hibari's main weapon. They appear as normal tonfas, however they can change forms, simply by revealing othe hidden weapons inside them. So far, Hibari has used the Double Chains form, the Needles form and the Air Current.

Since Hibari became familiar with using his Cloud Flames, he has been covering his Tonfas in cloud flames, in order to deal more damage. Future Hibari was shown using this technique too.

Tonfas' Forms:

  • Normal Form: The usual form of tonfas and most often. Hibari uses this form when fighting in close range.
  • Double Chains: First seen during the Sku Match. A chain comes from the bottom of each tonfa. Hibari used that form as defence against the incoming knives and cut down the wires that had him trapped at the same time.
  • Needles Form: Thick needles surround the tonfas to increase the damage.
  • Air Current: Used against Genkishi from Future Hibari. Small holes around the tonfas send out air that reflects any incoming attacks like Genkishi's small swords.
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