The Cloud Ring Battle is the sixth match of the Vongola Ring Conflict. It is the battle between the candidates for the title of Tenth Generation Vongola Cloud Guardian, Kyoya Hibari and Gola Moska. The match took place in the Cloud Ground in Namimori Middle School.

Prelude Edit

In order to gain the Cloud Vongola Ring and the right to be the 10th generation Cloud Guardian, Hibari and Gola Moska participated in the sixth round of the Ring Battle.

Summary Edit

Hibari Beats the Mosca

Hibari beats Gola Mosca.

As Kyoya Hibari and Gola Moska prepare to begin the battle for the Cloud Rings, the Cervello explains the area in which the two will fight is surrounded by gatling guns, mine explosives, and a barbed wire fence, so that no one interferes with the fight. As the fight begins, Ryohei Sasagawa has serious doubts about the field and Levi A Than interjects saying if he was scared, he should just run away like their boss did. Takeshi Yamamoto intervenes, saying they will be fine because Hibari was their ace. The battle begins as Gola Moska fires missiles at Hibari, but the latter is able to dodge them and easily slices Gola Moska in half with his tonfas, thus ending the match.

Aftermath Edit

Hibari wins the match and gives the joined Vongola Ring to one of the Cervello, stating that he wouldn't be needing it. He begins to call out to Xanxus, stating in order to go home, he must fight the "king of monkeys" (meaning the leader of the Varia). Levi A Than and Belphegor, surprised, ask Xanxus what would happen, but Xanxus merely smiles in response.

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