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A Cloud Flame is one of the types of attributes of the Dying Will Flames of the Sky.


Cloud Flames' primary color is purple. The core is purple, and the rest of the Cloud Flame has a very pale tone of violet, making it one of the most light-colored types of Flame. The Cloud Flame's shape is more oblique and somewhat unstable-looking, randomly flickering and spewing particles similar to how smoke disperses.


A drifting Cloud, whom cannot be bound. Protecting the famiglia from an independent standpoint.

Cervello on the role of Cloud Guardian, Chapter 119, episode 53

Its characteristic, Propagation, carries the ability of increasing and multiplying. As such, it is suited for anything that involves increase of size and multiplication of numbers. It is highly advantageous when performing techniques involving a large area, such as creating a cyclone or an impervious force field. Coincidental or not, a number of Cloud-attribute Box Weapons have the ability to pull out and/or absorb the Flames of an enemy.


Cloud Flame Users

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