Ciao Ciao Arrives! is the forty-second and final volume of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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Bermuda von Veckenschtein, who has released his curse, destroys the battler watches of the remaining Allied Team members' so none of them would be able to help Tsuna. Tsuna is soon overwhelmed by Bermuda's constant attacks through short warp until Reborn also participate in the battle and shot his Dying Will Bullet to Tsuna, enabling him to enter Ultimate Dying Will Mode and defeat Bermuda with ease. After being declared as the winner, Checker Face reveals himself directly and discloses his true identity as Kawahira, as well as the true history behind the Tri-ni-sette. To resolve the problem of protecting the  Tri-ni-sette without any need for sacrifices, Talbot created Pacifier Jars to replace the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and Bermuda and the Vindice agreed to protect the jars for all eternity with their flames. With the problem solved, Kawahira released the Curse of the Rainbow from the Arcobaleno, making them able to grow properly like normal humans. Several days later, when Tsuna received invitation to Colonnello and Lal's wedding, Reborn shot him with Dying Will Bullet to make him confess his love to Kyoko, but ends up in failure. Tsuna is then faced with decision to become Vongola Decimo or not, which he immediately answers that he refuse, and Reborn left since his job is over. As a week passed since Reborn's departure, Tsuna begins to ponder his still "No-Good life." However, Reborn suddenly comes back with permission from the ninth to make him Neo Vongola Primo. As he saw his friends waiting for him, Tsuna realizes that even though not much, he has changed to the better, because now he has friends he could rely at the time he needs, and it's all thanks to Reborn.

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