Ciao Ciao! is the 409th and last chapter of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series created by Akira Amano.

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Tsuna once again states that he won't become the tenth Vongola Boss, making Reborn comments that Tsuna hasn't changed since the day he arrived at his house. He then says that he would like to start a new life now his curse was broken and left, since Tsuna refused to become Vongola 10th, and thus he didn't have anymore business with him, much to Tsuna's shock. Tsuna goes on with his daily life and realized that it is as Reborn had said, he hasn't changed at all.

A week later, Reborn suddenly barges into his room and declares that he will train him to become the Neo Vongola Primo (New Vongola Primo) and has already got the Ninth's permission. Despite the news, Tsuna is relieved to have Reborn back as he now knew that he hasn't changed from the dunce he was before. Reborn then tells Tsuna to look outside and Tsuna is surprised to see his friends waiting for him as Reborn called them to celebrate him becoming his pupil and says comparing how they met the first time, it hasn't change that much. At this, Tsuna realized that while it hasn't change that much, it is different because his friends are here and smiling together with him. He thinks how he has friends he can rely on when it's necessary and it's all because of Reborn's arrival.

Tsuna notices a pacifier hanging around Reborn's neck. Reborn answers that he cannot be at ease without it and made a replica, making Tsuna laughs and comments that he's really a baby, causing him to be punished by Reborn. As Reborn tells Tsuna to go out to his friends, Tsuna continues narrating his thought that while he is sometimes irks by him and doesn't think that he's always right, it was thanks to him that he is able to change for sure, his tutor and partner, the Home Tutor Hitman Reborn.

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