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Chrome wakes up to find herself in Julie's room with him in it. As he's saying that the Vongola should just give up, Chrome sees her trident and try to get it, but then Julie tries to get her to wear a dress, however, Adelheid comes in to get Julie for a meeting with the other remaining Shimon guardians. As the two head for the meeting, Julie jokes about her being jealous, which Adelheid responds by saying once they see no more value for Chrome, she'll kill her, much to his protest. The Shimon are discussing the fight and the memories while Julie complains about being called for just that. Adelheid starts to run off her mouth and makes Julie mad enough for him to tell in her face to keep her mouth close.

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Back in Julie's room, Chrome wonders about the presence she felt earlier on Julie. In the forest, Vendice is explaining about the seven keys to Vongola and left. Lambo starts crying about them taking Ryohei and want to go home. However, Gokudera able to calms him down by giving him candies. As they walk through the forest, Reborn reminds Tsuna of what Ryohei told him after the fight and he should just concentrate to save Chrome and settle everything with Shimon Family. Realizing that its almost dark, they decided to camp out in the forest. Lambo wakes up to a rabbit near his face and goes after it. Tsuna wakes up in time to see Lambo run off into the forest and wakes up Gokudera to go after him. As they're walking they fall into a pitfall to find Lambo meeting Rauji.

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