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Chrome Dokuro, her original name being Nagi, is the Tenth Generation Mist Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. She served as Mukuro's vessel and connection to the world outside the Vindice Prison until he was released.

Character Outline[]


Chrome is a short, slim, and rather petite girl. She is often described as a cute and sweet girl, as commented by Mukuro, Belphegor, Levi A Than, and Julie Kato, or when she transfers to Namimori Middle School and attracts the attention of many of her male classmates. She has short, pineapple-shaped, purple hair and violet eyes. Her right eye is covered with a black eye patch with a chrome-colored skull (髑髏, Dokuro) after being injured in a car crash. During her daily activities in the future, she sometimes replaced her skull eyepatch with the normal one.


She is mostly seen wearing the green Kokuyo Middle School uniform like the rest of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. She has also been seen wearing the Simon uniform or Namimori uniform. With whatever she wears, she was usually seen with her bag, in which she stores her Trident. In a chapter cover which shows her current self and Nagi, Nagi is shown to wear a sailor uniform, implying that she used to attend public school prior to her accident. When in an illusionary world, she has longer hair with bangs covering her lost right eye and was seen wearing a plain white gown. This is shown to be a similar version of Nagi before the incident minus the hair covering her right eye.

The Future version of her is briefly seen at the end of the Future Arc. From her younger counterpart, Chrome still retain her skull eyepatch and had let her hair grow back longer with her bangs being short but off to the right side; she had gotten rid of her "pineapple" hair. It's also shown she has a sense of style wearing a simple purple shirt, dark indigo skirt, with a violet jacket.


Chrome's shyness.

Due to her once neglected life as Nagi, she has difficulty opening up to others, except to Mukuro. She's hardly interested in other people unless they're related to Mukuro or someone Mukuro takes interest in. As she never thought people would accept her unconditionally, actions where someone is kind and caring to her makes her very confused and shy, such as when she avoided Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin who were being friendly to her. Bianchi noted this that while being kind was natural to Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin, to Chrome, it was completely new and alien to her, causing a culture shock. Because she's used to being treated poorly, she never talks nor fights back if someone badmouths or even hurt her, and merely accepted it calmly, particularly when Ken or M.M being mean to her. This made some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful, though this didn't stop them from showing concern for her every now and then.

Beneath her timidity, Chrome is strong-willed, bravely stand up against her enemies in battle. She's willing to put her life on the line, facing danger head on without hesitation. However, at the same time, she also lacked confidence and used to tend on Mukuro for help, despite her own desire to become stronger. Her lack of self-esteem and her dependency on Mukuro consequently hindered her growth. After accepting kindness given by her new friends, Chrome begins to open up to others and slowly able to make decision on her own even without Mukuro's permission. Once Mukuro is freed from prison, Chrome gradually becomes independent, determined to become stronger so she can protect everyone she holds dear with her own power.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Chrome is a talented illusionist and fighter, something that Mukuro, Reborn, and Mammon acknowledges. She's able to block Mammon's Thoughtography and her illusion is so strong that Mammon stated during their battle that if they had believed Chrome's illusion for a second, they would be done for, and only a true expert could see through her illusion. She is also capable of sensing Genkishi and Torikabuto's (before using Asura Box) illusions, even without using the Vongola Box.[4][5] She's also capable of hand-to-hand combat using her trident. The only thing that prevented Chrome from reaching her full potential was her lack of confidence and reliance on Mukuro. Once she's able to overcome her dependency, her true skill finally flourished and she's able to create her own organs just as strong as the ones Mukuro gave her. When commenting on the outcome should Mukuro and Chrome fight, Reborn even believe that while Mukuro is superior, if Chrome find her own fighting style, she may be able to turn the tide.[6][7]

Cortina Nebbia

  • Six Paths of Reincarnation: Because Mukuro shares Chrome's body, she is granted the powers of Six Paths of Reincarnation though so far she is only proficient in Illusions and summoning animals. After Mukuro was freed, however, she's unable to use this technique again as they no longer share one body.
  • Cortina Nebbia: She is able to create a Mist Barrier from her Mist Flame, that traps anyone in it and at the same time defending from outside attack. When under Demon Spade's control, this technique become dangerous for the creator itself; if the barrier is broken, the creator will die.
  • Genjū Mugaia: She combines her illusion with Mukuro's illusion and creates a much more powerful version of Genjū Gagaia. The real illusion takes form of six crows each with kanji from 1 to 6 written on the armor of their heads that represents Mukuro's Six Paths of Reincarnation.


  • Trident: Chrome uses a Trident similar to Mukuro's. The Trident can fit into a small bag by retracting the poles of the Trident and the handle. Mukuro constructed the trident for her using his illusions. Later, she is able to construct her own Trident that differs from Mukuro's with only a single spike, making it look more like a spear.
  • Vongola Mist Ring: Won during the Mist Ring Battle. As part of the Tri-ni-sette it is classed as S-rank. Chrome shares the Ring with Mukuro and usually wears it when he is in jail. Ten years in the Future, the Vongola Rings were destroyed by Tsuna, however they were later brought back from the past with the Ten Year Bazooka. Chrome is capable of bringing out Mist Dying Will Flames from her Ring and uses its Construction ability to create Real Illusions. The Vongola Guardians were later accepted by the First Vongola Boss as the rightful owners of the Vongola Rings and were granted their true forms.
  • Gufo della Nebbia (Mist Owl): Chrome acquires it in her battle with Glo Xinia as it is inhabited by Mukuro, which changed it from a Rain Box Weapon to a Mist Box Weapon.

Demon Spade's Devil Lens

  • Gufo di Nebbia ver. Vongola: This is Chrome's Vongola Box Weapon. It appears to look much like her Mist Owl but with armour padding on its wings. In Cambio Forma, the owl turns into Demon Spade's Devil Lens. These Lens allow Chrome to see through any Illusion.
  • Animal Ring: At the end of the Future Arc after Byakuran was defeated, the Vongola were told that they can't take the Vongola Boxes with them. But with Verde's help, the Vongola Boxes were turned into Rings and were brought back to the present with the Vongola.
  • Earring of the Mist Version X: It’s the upgraded version of the Mist Original Vongola Ring. Chrome gained it in the Ore form, but when Mukuro possessed her, he activated it and gave this shape to fight with Demon Spade. After Mukuro was freed, she no longer owns it as the earrings were given to Mukuro.

Appearance in other Media[]

She appears in the second and fourth volume of the Reborn! novel "Secret Bullet 2: X-Fiamma", "Secret Bullet 4: The Funeral Flower Withers", and "Secret Bulet 3: Millefiore Panic", respectively. The second volume explains how she first met Ken and Chikusa, the fourth volume tells Chrome's training gone wrong, while the third volume shows Chrome participating in a banquet Gokudera is holding to celebrate their victory in Ring Conflict. She also appears in two drama CDs. She appears as a main character in the Drama CD 'Chrome Saw it! Happy Day at Kokuyo Land', in which she meets Lambo, who sees her learning Italian and tries to teach her. Then, she meets Tsuna and after some events, Lambo spills the bucket of water that Chrome had brought from the bathhouse for Ken onto her. Tsuna offers to let her go to her house to dry her wet Kokuyo uniform and change into dry clothes. While she is changing, Ken and Chikusa suddenly arrive at Tsuna's house and much to Tsuna's protests, Ken keeps banging on the door of the room Chrome is in and tells her to come out. When Ken actually says 'the pineapple head inside', Chrome switches with Mukuro and the latter uses his First Realm on Ken. At the end of the day, Chrome heads back with Ken and Chikusa but not before Tsuna asks why Chrome is with those two. She states that it is because Mukuro told her to and because they were her first comrades that she trusted. She then appears again in Drama CD 'Guardians' Banquet', an adaptation of a chapter from the third light novel.



  • Chrome's Fandom Shorthand is 96, the opposite of Mukuro's 69.
  • Chrome's monthly allowance is 500 yen; however, for bathing, Ken pays for her.
  • The Japanese rōmaji of her name, Kurōmu Dokuro, is an anagram of Mukuro Rokudō.
  • Before she started to open up to Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin, she never refers other people by their names except the ones from her gang. Such as how she initially referred to Hibari as "Cloud man" (雲の人, Kumo no hito), Uni as "Sky child" (大空の子, Ōzora no ko), and Lambo as "Cow child" (牛の子, Ushi no ko).
  • Her favorite foods are mizuame and mugi choco (a wheat, chocolate, and malt sugar candy).[1][2]
  • She dislikes oily food and pineapples.[1] Ironically, she has the same "pineapple" hairstyle like Mukuro. Also, in Everyone's Ordinary Daily Life, during their party, Mukuro ordered her to wear a pineapple costume, with her hair as the spikes.
  • Her favorite animal is a cat, which is also Enma Kozato's and Akira Amano's favorite animal.[1]
  • Her real name, Nagi, means calm.
  • She once stated that her tendency to blush is her nature, meaning that is just how she looks.
  • In the 2007 and 2008 popularity poll for "the character I want as a bride," Chrome ranked tenth and seventh respectively.
  • She spoke Italian twice in the manga, first when she introduced herself on her first appearance, and then when she invaded Merone Base before saving Gokudera. However, these were replaced with Japanese in the anime.
  • According to the fanbook and light novel, her mother is a famous star and her step-father is the assistant manager in a famous overseas company.
  • Her main goal is to one day converse with Mukuro in Italian.
  • She's the most popular female character in the series. In the Reborn! Anniversary Polls she ranked:
    • 1st in the popularity of the females in the third poll.
    • 13th in popularity and 5th in the "Most Wanted Future Version" in the fourth poll.
    • 12th in both popularity and in "Dream Matches" for vs. Mukuro.
    • 10th in popularity in the sixth poll.
    • 11th in popularity in the seventh poll.
  • In the anime, she first met Ken and Chikusa at Kokuyo Land when Mukuro promised her that they would meet them.
  • Strangely, in chapter 282 of the manga and episode 203 of the anime, Future Chrome is shown without pineapple hairstyle, while in chapter 214 cover she's shown with one and has shorter bang and longer hair.
  • In the anime, Chrome is not very good at cooking, but in the novel series she's an excellent cook. In mono.CHROME, it's explained that this is because her parents were rarely at home, so she must learn to cook for herself.
  • In Secret Bullet volume 2 postscript, Koyasu Hideaki stated that Chrome is his favorite character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Flame Rumble video game.
  • Together with Mukuro, Chrome is one of the only three characters to have a story mode in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Kindan no Yami no Delta video game, the other two being Tsuna and Xanxus.
  • She participates in the extra chapter "What if Reborn!" as a hairdresser. However, the hair salon she is working at only has pineapple hairstyle cut.
  • Chrome likes the times whenever she feels Mukuro's presence, Komugi Chocolate (a type of Japanese candy), and public baths. She dislikes when Ken is being mean to her and the dryness of winter.[2]
  • Based on a 2016 questionnaire, pollsters ranked the most “Cute eye-patched female character in anime.” Chrome placed 10th out of 39. [8]


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