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The Choice Arc (未来チョイス編, Mirai Choisu-hen?)[1] takes place after Tsuna and the rest of his family acquire the Arcobaleno Seals, and travel back into the future to confront Byakuran and the remaining Millefiore Famiglia.

Rules of Choice[]


  • Each team divides their fighters into two groups.
  • One of the teams chooses a battlefield.
  • All support characters are stationed at an established base.
  • The battle continues until the victor is decided. The winning team is determined by the team whose target's Flame lasts longer than the other team's.
  • The winner can choose any one thing from his opponent as the spoils.


  • A number of soldier units meet beforehand to discuss and decide on a plan of action.
  • When both teams have the same number of people, weapon counts are unrestricted. However, if the headcount is different, you'll lose.
  • The location of the field is decided before the battle.
  • The area of the location must be big enough to house a 10 km line.
  • At their own expense, support units may program designs before the battle.
  • The support HQ cannot be bigger than 50 sq. meters.

Gyro Roulette[]

  • The leaders of both sides place their ring hand on the gyro roulette and say "choice". Then, the roulette will spin and show the participants of that round.
  • There are 8 symbols on the roulette, symbolizing the Leader or Sky with their personal Family crest at the top, the 6 Guardians' symbols and an 8th rectangle (which represents people without rings).

Target Rule[]

Byakuran explains that it is the simplest game:

The Targets For Choice

  • A Flame appears on the symbol of the Gyro Roulette of the people selected to be the Target.
  • If more than 1 person is selected by the Flame, the gyro roulette will select the Target randomly from the Choices available.
  • Whichever side's target has their Flame extinguished first, loses.

Plot Overview[]

Selection: Field & Players[]

Vongola Famiglia ready for Choice

Tsuna and his Family arrive at the area in Namimori at 11:50, where Shoichi Irie had set up their Vongola Base. As a storm cloud brewed, Byakuran's face appeared inside it. Unbeknownst to any of them, Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru were watching from a distance. Byakuran explained that they would need a kind of "ticket" to participate, mostly because it takes a lot of energy to transport so many people to the battlefield. They were asked to produce 5 million Fiamma Voltage, to which Spanner commented that is was 20 times the max output of the Hyper X-Burner. Byakuran said that they had 10 minutes or they were forced to forfeit. Tsuna declined, saying that all of his Guardians weren't gathered there yet.

Vongola Family Ready For Choice

Byakuran showed he was serious about it when he destroyed a hill of Namimori with a beam from his eye. Reborn then said he understood how someone like Byakuran could rule by fear.
Hibari and Yamamoto showed up in the nick of time, neither in any sort of Vongola battle uniform. Tsuna then told them to activate their Vongola Box Weapons, and the resulting FV runoff shot into the storm clouds generated 10 million FV, twice the necessary output.

Choice 1: Tsuna's Choice

Byakuran, although impressed by their Flames, mentions that not everything was taken care of yet, he then allows Tsuna to pick the field. Hundreds of cards flew out of nowhere and encircled Tsuna. Byakuran explained that in Choice, if they don't select the field and players first, the game couldn't be played. Tsuna picked a field card that read Fulmine, or Lightning in Italian. Light engulfed Tsuna's Family, and they all disappeared into the storm clouds. They find themselves in an area of super-high rise buildings.

Millefiore Family ready for Choice

Named "Super Lightning Flame-resistant high-rise buildings". Byakuran and 5 of his Real 6 Funeral Wreaths are already there. When Bluebell got a look at Tsuna's Family, she commented that they were just kids, and that she could take them all out, and then transformed her arm into a giant water Weapon. Kikyo stopped her from attacking.

Hibari lighted his Vongola Cloud Ring, and upon seeing it, Kikyo commented that it was the same Flame type as his own. Hibari wanted to get started then and there, but Byakuran said that they still needed to make the next "Choice". He then pulled out the Gyro Roulette. Byakuran projected the Gyro Roulette images so everyone could see, it had eight crests on it: the 7 Flame Attributes and one blank Box. Byakuran placed his hand on the Gyro Roulette and instructed Tsuna to do the same. Byakuran explained that when he said "Choice", the Gyro Roulette would spin to the right. When it stopped, the selection was:

  • Vongola - Sky: 1, Rain: 1, Storm: 1, Non-Ring: 2
  • Millefiore - Sun: 1, Mist: 2, Cloud: 1

First Roulette Spin

The Non-Ring symbol for the Vongola, and the Sun crest for the Millefiore were ablazed with Flame. Byakuran said that the battle participants have now been decided.
Byakuran said that the numbers next to the crests equaled the amount of participants from each Family for that attribute. He went on to say that the square symbol represented participants without Rings, of which Tsuna must select two to participate. Deisy suddenly appeared in front of Kyoko and Haru, and presented Kyoko with a wilted flower. Kikyo just as suddenly pulled Deisy back to Millefiore and explained that he couldn't help himself when he sees things that "perish beautifully."
Shoichi approached Byakuran, and persuaded him to count himself as a non-ring participant since he no longer has a Sun Ring. Shoichi then said that in addition to Tsuna, for the Sky, Yamamoto for the Rain, and Gokudera for the Storm, he and Spanner would be the non-Rings. After an outburst from Gokudera for Shoichi deciding instead of Tsuna, Reborn satiated him by agreeing with the Choices. Then Ryohei has an angry outburst because he wanted to participate, but Shoichi said they just had to accept it for now. Hibari didn't care about the results, he claimed that no rules would stop him. However, Dino appeared, having snuck into the field because he was watching everything and reasoned with Hibari that after this was over, he could fight anyone he wanted to.
Zakuro complained that the participant choices sucked, and Kikyo reported that Zakuro had lost his spirits. Byakuran announced that for the Millefiore the participants would be: for the Sun - Deisy, for the Cloud - Kikyo, and for the Mist - Torikabuto. Basil called them on the fact that they lacked another Mist participant, Byakuran and Bluebell feigned surprise, and introduced their second Mist user, Saru, one of Torikabuto's A-rank subordinates.
Then Byakuran decided that Target Rule was going to be the format of the battle. The Gyro-Roulette selected the Sun participant from the Millefiore and one of the participants without a Ring from the Vongola. The Gyro Roulette then selects Shoichi and Deisy by putting a mark on both of their hearts. The mark drains their Dying Will Flames, Reborn says that forcibly draining their Flames or "life" would eventually kill them. Byakuran considers this a time-limit to the battle. Although the mark shouldn't hurt the target in the slightest, but Shoichi doubles over in pain. Shoichi is willing to risk his life because he said that he's the one who made Byakuran the way he is, to which Byakuran says "So that's how you see it?"
Byakuran says that not only can Choice now begin, but that they're playing for the three forces that "created the world": The Arcobaleno Pacifiers, Vongola Rings, and Mare Rings.

Choice Battle 1[]

The Cervello arrive to judge Choice

Before they began, two members of the Cervello appeared. Reborn said that Shoichi Irie told him they ended up as part of the Millefiore somehow. When Gokudera accused them of being on the enemy's side, Byakuran said that judging fairly is their specialty. At this point, Kikyo commended someone on hiding 99.99% of their blood lust, but he could detect the remaining 0.01 percent. Squalo appeared from inside the Base. Byakuran also said that the area was free from non-Tri-Ni-Set, so Reborn was free to reveal himself as well, so he didn't need a hologram.
The Cervello then instructed everyone to move to their respective Family's Base, if they were participating, or audience stall, if they were not. They had three minutes to do so. Yamamoto changed into his Vongola uniform (though, he needed instruction on how to tie the tie), and as soon as he finished, the three minutes were up.
The Cervello announced that the Choice Battle had begun.

At the Millefiore Base, an open-air pavilion with pillars on the front, Deisy complained about sitting back at the Base in the Sun. Kikyo told him that he was the "king" they must protect, so he had to wait there. Saru announced that he had picked up on Shoichi's Target Marker - presumably the location of their Base. He, Kikyo, and Torikabuto head out on Flame boots.

The Vongola HQ

Back at the Vongola HQ, Tsuna's Family had revived Ryohei's tradition of a group huddle before a match. When Shoichi said that Tsuna and Yamamoto would be on offense team, and Gokudera would be on defense, Gokudera exploded that he shouldn't have been giving orders by him. But Tsuna agreed, so he swallowed his pride. Spanner and Shoichi Irie went to the desk, while Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera ran through three different doors. They emerged riding their Motorcycles/Airbike away from the Base. Shoichi and Spanner then launched decoys that were replicating Shoichi's Flames signature.
As they fly through the city, Saru detects these decoys. Kikyo praises Shoichi for creating the game with Byakuran, and orders Saru and Torikabuto to eliminate all the decoys until they find their targets. Shoichi proceeded to give Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto very specific instructions. Dino said that it was as if Shoichi had perfect vision of the whole field at his fingertips, Reborn responded by saying that Shoichi is the kind of guy you can count on in a crisis.

Tsuna vs. Torikabuto[]

Torikabuto saw Tsuna's dummy and destroyed it with a blast from his Mist Mare Ring which he kept in the palm of his hand, literally. Instantly, Saru and Kikyo detected a new Flame and then Tsuna appeared behind Torikabuto, and punched him into a building. When Tsuna wonders why it didn't shatter, the Cervello commented that due to the building were infused with Lightning Flames and the Lightning's solidification property made them 20x harder than normal buildings.

Tsuna traped by a grid of Lightning Class Sea Snakes

Suddenly, Torikabuto's body exploded into Sea Snakes that charged Tsuna down. Torikabuto's mask itself hovered with a Sea Snake. When Basil thought that the snakes weren't Illusions because they were visible on the monitors, Squalo called him an idiot and said that powerful enough Illusions affect both people and machines. Torikabuto called Tsuna an "impotent weakling" and Byakuran commented that his "Eyes of Truth" is able to see the true nature of anyone, and has begun to analyze Tsuna.

When the Sea Snakes got close enough, Tsuna realized that they were solidified with Lightning Flames, and pierced straight through the super-solidified buildings. Dino proposed that he may have multiple Flames like Gokudera. Torikabuto used a move on Tsuna to which he responded with his Vongola Sky Box, the Leone di Cieli ver. Vongola.

Tsuna defends himself using Vongola Primo's Cloak

It roared, and petrified Torikabuto's attack by using the Sky's Harmony attribute. More Sea Snakes crashed through a building just as Tsuna was about to land the finishing blow.

Tsuna attacks Torikabuto

Tsuna instructed Nuts (his Sky Lion) to do "that", and he called out Cambio Forma Modo Difesa, which changed his Box Weapon into a weapon called the Vongola First's Cape (Mantello di Vongola Primo), a cape with Sky Flames at the bottom.

The Cape destroys Torikabuto's Mist Sea Snakes, and Tsuna charges him with Nuts sitting on his shoulder. After missing an attack, he finally hits Torikabuto with a punch Spanner clocks at 300,000 FV, a new record. Sending the Mist Funeral Wreath down and out. After Yamamoto defeats Saru, it is 5 Vs 2. Irie orders Yamamoto and Tsuna to get the Milliefiore's target by air and Gokudera to keep up his defensive position. However, it seems Torikabuto was not defeated and Tsuna was in his Illusion all along. After being trapped in his Illusion, Tsuna breaks out using sheer force with the aid of the X-Burner. Tsuna then decides to return to help Shoichi Irie, and what happened to Torikabuto is unknown.

Yamamoto vs. Saru[]

Shoichi Irie asks Yamamoto if he can see anyone from his current position, the latter responds "no". Shoichi is so sure that the enemy is concealing themselves with Illusions, that he lowers the decoy so Yamamoto can reach with his sword. Yamamoto senses something, jumps off his bike, and charges toward the decoys, when one that is hit by an unknown weapon explodes into a pillar of thick vines. Yamamoto is caught unawares and is quickly ensnared by these vines, which knocks Shigure Kintoki out of his reach and pins him to the ground. Saru appears. After making a comment that strikes Yamamoto strangely, an Illusion melts away to reveal that Saru is really Genkishi in disguise, already fully decked out in his armor.

Yamamoto prepared to fight

As Genkishi strikes a seemingly final blow, Yamamoto activates his Rain Vongola Box and summons his Cane di Pioggia ver. Vongola to the battlefield, with the Akita wielding one sword made of Rain Flames and Yamamoto wielding two others just the same. Yamamoto says that his name is Ziro, and that he holds onto his three short Blades for him. Yamamoto also comments that he and Genkishi are the same in that they both use four Swords. He proceeds to ask Genkishi if he could get his fourth one, Shigure Kintoki, which was knocked away. Genkishi shoots invisible Sea Slugs at Yamamoto, who calmly dodges by shooting a powerful burst of Rain Flames to both get away from the attack, and propel him towards his fourth Sword, which he grabs. Using his other short Blade, he shoots another burst of Rain Flames at the ground to put some distance between him and Genkishi, and finally releases a third burst to charge his opponent.

Genkishi vanishes after their Blades connect, and in a swirl of vines, attempts to hit Yamamoto with more invisible Spectral Sea Slugs. Yamamoto again dodges with a burst of Rain Flames.

Yamamoto attacks Genkishi

Reborn comments that not only can he now fight aerially, but he can also use his Rain Flames to detect where the invisible attacks are coming from. In an instant, Yamamoto throws two short Blades at Genkishi. When Genkishi says that he shouldn't be able to see through his Illusions, Yamamoto reveals that he had his Rondine di Pioggia ver. Vongola above casting down Rain Flames, utilizing the Rain's tranquility to slow down his Slugs, and wherever the movements were off, that was where Genkishi was. The Rain Swallow's name is Koziro.
Squalo explains to Dino and Reborn that the reason Yamamoto is doing so much better is because for the time being, he's completely devoted to the Blade instead of baseball. Mainly because in his last battle with Genkishi, he thought he could win, but was utterly beaten. Yamamoto felt he shamed the blade and didn't do everything he could to grow stronger. So without that weighing him down, he's been able to train more effectively.

Yamamoto activates his Cambio Forma

Reborn comments that Yamamoto shares that decision with the First Rain Guardian, who threw away his passion for music to help his friend, the Vongola Primo. They even share the same Weapons, three short Blades and one long Katana.

Yamamoto commands Koziro to Cambio Forma (Change Form). Koziro fuses with the Shigure Kintoki to form the Asari Ugetsu, legendary irregular quadruple Blade. Genkishi says he won't hold back and activates his Hell Ring to utilize his Phantom Knight form. Consequently, he begins going on a rant about how he is worthiest of the title of Mist Guardian, to protect Byakuran - God.

Yamamoto defeats Genkishi

Shoichi Irie says that the Hell Ring is driving him mad, and Byakuran comments to Bluebell that he likes Genkishi because "It's so easy to take a simple mind in the palm of his hand". Back at the battle, Genkishi states that he lost to Tsuna because his eyes were driving him insane, and they stopped him from using even half of his power. Reborn agrees with that, citing errors in Genkishi's movements back then.
Yamamoto, however, is not fazed.

Genkishi killed by Kikyo's Bellflowers

Genkishi launches a double attack of his Blade and Spettro Nudibranchi, becoming the move Danza Spettro Spada. Yamamoto counters with Shigure Soen Ryu: 4th Form: Gofuu Juu (May Wind; October Rain), causing Yamamoto to evade the moves at a speed so incredible he's invisible.
Using the Mist's Construction, Genkishi makes 9 more of himself and repeats the move, this variation being called Extra Danza Spettro Spada, which are so numerous that Ryohei says it's like a solid mass of Flame. Yamamoto counters with his Shigure Soen Ryu: Aggregate Art: Jiunoka.
Genkishi pulls all his copies back into himself in order to regain full power, only to see Yamamoto charging straight at him by using his three short Blades to propel himself. Genkishi realizes that Yamamoto isn't moving faster - he's moving slower. He discovers Rain Flames on himself, and sees he's been hit. Yamamoto wins the fight with his Shigure Soen Ryu: 8th Form: Shinotsuku Ame.


With the odds stacked against the Millefiore, Shoichi makes a plan. Tsuna and Yamamoto are to attack the Millefiore's Target, and Gokudera is to hold his defensive position. However, Kikyo was stronger then expected and was able to pass Gokudera (making his Sistema C.A.I. useless with his Bellflowers in the process). Tsuna appears to have a problem and is going in the wrong direction.

Uni leaves the Millefiore and joins the Vongola

After a while, Tsuna finally realises it isn't the map, but he was in Torikabuto's Illusion all along. He soon breaks out using his X-Burner and decides to help Shoichi and leaves Yamamoto with Deisy. However, he was too late and Shoichi was defeated. However, Yamamoto defeated Deisy at the same time too. The Cervello then explains that to make a Target be extinguished, the person's life force must be less than 2%. They then check if the results are legitimate. Both are legitimate, and they end in a draw, or so it may seem. Deisy suddenly wakes up with his marker lit. Kikyo then explains that Deisy cannot die, resulting in the Millefiore's victory. Byakuran demands the Vongola Rings as his prize. However, Shoichi claims his favor; in their last college game of Choice, Byakuran lost and promised a favor to Shoichi in their next game. Byakuran refuses the favor, but Uni emerges and proclaims that she deserves half of a share in the decision since she is the head of the Black Spell. After Byakuran refuses again, Uni leaves the Millefiore and joins Tsuna, bringing with her the Arcobaleno Pacifiers that Byakuran gave to her for safekeeping.


  • Shoichi Irie and Byakuran originally created Choice to pass the time in college. However, Shoichi later admitted that he got carried away and continually updated the game all the time to the point where in the final stages, a gigantic mobile fortress chases the participants around.
  • When Reborn asked about the game, Shoichi applied the in-depth rules to reality and said that Tsuna's Family would be the soldier units. Shoichi said that a pre-existing building with a footprint of less than 50 m² must be used for a HQ.
  • Both the targets in Choice possesses the Sun Flames.


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