Choice is the 232nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Shoichi Irie explains the basic rules of Choice, a game that he and Byakuran created to pass the time in college. However, Shoichi became so absorbed with it and constantly upgraded and evolved the game to the point that in the last stage, a giant steaming fortress chases players around. When Reborn mentions that Byakuran said he would turn the game into a reality, Shoichi doubts that the game could be converted into reality, but mentions that with Byakuran, almost anything is possible. Reborn then requests to hear the rules more in detail.

While explaining the rules, Shoichi exclaims that a fortress and mobile weapons are required in order for the Vongola to succeed, much to the dismay of Giannini, who claims that building such difficult structures would be impossible in a short period of time given the number of resources they have. Reborn then tells Shoichi to calm down as they had the genius inventor of the Vongola (Giannini) and former genius inventor of the Millefiore (Spanner) on their side.

Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto are then seen taking a break. Tsuna mentions that he dropped off food for Shoichi and Spanner, but didn't stay because they seemed extremely absorbed in their work, to which Reborn replied that Tsuna and the others were going to be worked to death as well, giving Tsuna a bad feeling. Changing the subject, Tsuna asks why there was an empty seat. Haru replies that the empty seat was for Chrome Dokuro, who had yet to eat anything since she returned.

In her room, Chrome is contemplating how to react to Tsuna and the others' kindness towards her. She then hears the door open, and realizes that, in her confusion, she had forgotten to lock the door. I-Pin walks into the room and jumps on Chrome's bed, sharing a meat bun with her. Chrome then thanks I-Pin for her kindness.

Later, Tsuna and the others are lead to Giannini by Reborn, the former showing them the newly created Dying Will Flame-powered Motorcycle.

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