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Choice's End is the last battle of Choice. It ends the Choice Arc.

Prelude Edit

With the odds stacked against the Millefiore, Shoichi makes a plan. Tsuna and Yamamoto are to attack the Millefiore's Target, and Gokudera is to hold his defensive position. However, Kikyo was stronger then expected and was able to pass Gokudera (making his Sistema C.A.I. useless with his Bellflowers in the process). Tsuna appears to have a problem and is going in the wrong direction. Uni leaves the Millefiore and joins the Vongola. After a while, Tsuna finally realises it isn't the map, but he was in Torikabuto's Illusion all along.

Summary Edit

Tsuna successfully opens his Box Weapon, Nuts. Torikabuto starts to insult Tsuna, calling him pitiful, but Tsuna interrupts and defeats him.

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