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Character Outline

Chikusa Kakimoto is affectionately referred to as Kakipi by Ken and M.M. and seems to have a thing with showers. He wears a green Kokuyo Middle uniform, glasses, and a white beanie with a bar code on his left cheek. But that belies his real talent as a professional assassin, using his deadly "Hedgehog" yo-yo's to spray his opponents with poisoned needles. He is also able to expertly control where he throws his Weapons to accurately shower his opponent with them.

Plot Overview

Kokuyo Arc

List Countdown

Chikusa first appears with Ken observing his battle with someone on the list. He later corners Gokudera in a Namimori Shopping District. He then engages in battle with the Vongola, but underestimates the third-ranked on the list, resulting in him taking on serious damage. He proves to have a very resistant body as he is able to take them and incapacitate Gokudera when he tries to save Tsuna. After he attempts to attack Gokudera's savior, Yamamoto, one of his Hedgehog Yo-Yos are sliced; when he loses it, he decides to retreat and take a shower.

Kokuyo Land Invasion

For the first half of the Invasion, Chikusa is unseen, as he is recuperating from his battle earlier with Gokudera. However, he comes back in the latter half of the Arc to battle Gokudera on Mukuro's orders after the group (without Yamamoto) proceeds into the main building. He battles Gokudera until his side-effects kick-in; along the way, proving again, he can take large hits by being hit dead-on with dynamite explosions and only wobbling. At this point, Ken breaks through the glass, Gokudera is resting on, and deals a heavy blow to him. This allowed him and Chikusa ample time to finish him off. The two look on as Gokudera rests helpless at the base of a flight of steps. But, they allow him time to release Hibari who defeats them both off-screen.

Mukuro Face-off

After Mukuro Possession shot is revealed, Chikusa and Ken come back to aid Gokudera and Bianchi, as the four are being controlled by him. However, after Tsuna recieves his X-Gloves from Leon, he handily defeats them both with little fanfare. Ending Chikusa's involvement in the Arc, and his last appearance as he was dragged off by the Vendice along with Ken and Mukuro.

Varia Arc

Chikusa made a brief appearance during the Ring Battles when he, along with Ken, accompanied Chrome to her battle to defend the Mist Vongola Ring.

Future Arc

File:Tyl Ken and Chikusa.jpg
Chikusa made another brief appearance during this Arc, though it was only a cameo in a flashback. However, multiple "Real Illusions" of Chikusa were wielded by Chrome along with Ken and Mukuro to battle Glo Xinia. He has recently appeared alongside Ken and M.M. after Fran freed Mukuro from Vendice. They are in the process of escorting Mukuro to Japan to help protect Yuni from Byakuran.


Hedgehog Yo-Yo1

Hedgehog Yo-Yo

  • Hedgehog Yo-Yo : Chikusa uses two Yo-Yo's which he expertly manipulates to rain needles down on his unsuspecting opponents. He first used it on two innocent bystanders.

Win-Loss Battle Record


  • Chikusa is known as Kakipi to Ken and M.M.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his number is 49.
  • In Nintendo DS Games, he uses a Rain Dying Will Flame.
  • Chikusa loves showers and staying clean, and often tells Ken to take one himself.
  • He has the same Seiyu as Shoichi Irie.

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