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Chikusa Kakimoto is a member of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. He is a quiet and loyal subordinate of Mukuro Rokudo, being one since childhood, joining him along with Ken Joshima. He is a professional assassin, using his deadly "Hedgehog" yo-yo to spray his opponents with poisoned needles. He is also able to expertly control where he throws his weapons to accurately shower his opponent with them.

Character Outline[]


He is a tall teenager with green Kokuyo Middle uniform, glasses, and a white beanie with a barcode on his left cheek and a bandage on his right. In his casual clothes, he wears a hooded jacket similar to Ken's and green pants with a small yellow scarf around his neck. In the future, he was seen wearing a suit over a white shirt with a tie.


Unlike Ken, Chikusa rarely speaks and is mostly quiet. He talks only if necessary; though, he is often shown to argue with Ken and occasionally shows a sarcastic, mocking side towards him. Like Ken, he also cares for Chrome, but never shows this openly and sometimes "teases" Ken, who always denies his feelings of concern for Chrome. He and Ken have been Mukuro's subordinates since childhood and they are extremely loyal to him. Chikusa will follow any of Mukuro's orders and is willing to sacrifice his own life for Mukuro. Other than his comrades from Kokuyo Gang, Chikusa doesn't care for other people's lives, not hesitating to kill bystanders simply because he think of them as nuisance. He is generally portrayed as a calm person, and by far the calmest of Mukuro's subordinates.

Appearances in Other Media[]

He appears in the first chapter of Mukuro Illusion as a minor character when Mukuro took over Kokuyo Land, as well as in the second volume, Secret Bullet 2: X-Fiamma, where he appears along with Ken when they first meet Chrome in Japan. He and Ken go to Japan as ordered by Mukuro in their dreams to find "the other him." While searching for Mukuro's "other self," Chikusa argues with Ken about who said that piles of pineapples were talking to him, but Ken laughs Mukuro's laugh, making Chikusa ask him if had he gone crazy. Ken insisted it was true and they started to argue until Ken finally left him alone while Chikusa, like Ken, was actually missing Mukuro a lot, and wanted to see him. When Ken is asleep, he dreams of his childhood when he, along with Chikusa and Mukuro, ran away from Estraneo lab. Even though they were grateful, Chikusa and Ken were still wary of Mukuro until one day they were hungry, and Mukuro went to get some apples for both of them. Since then, they both swore their loyalty to Mukuro and followed him faithfully.


  • Hedgehog: Chikusa uses two Yo-Yos, which he expertly manipulates to rain needles down on his unsuspecting opponents. In the future, his needles are also shown to be coated with rain flames.
  • Rain Ring: In the Future Arc, Chikusa is shown to possess a Rain-attribute Ring.


  • The name Chikusa means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "seed, species, trick, variety, breed, material, pip, stone, matter, kernel, subject, theme, secret, inside story, cause, source, news" (種) (kusa).
  • Chikusa's surname Kakimoto means "persimmon" (柿) (kaki) and "base, root, origin, source" (本) (moto).
    • Persimmon is an edible fruit that resembles a large tomato and has very sweet flesh.


  • Chikusa is known as "Kakipi" or "Four-eyed Kappa" to Ken. In a special, the latter also called him a "meatbun," a reference to the hat Chikusa ia always seen wearing.
  • Chikusa loves showers and staying clean, and often tells Ken to take a shower himself.
  • He dislikes crab because it's hard to eat.
  • He has a habit of saying "Mendoi..." (Troublesome...) whenever he feels bothered.
  • His favorite music genre is techno.
  • He has the same voice actor as Shoichi Irie.
  • Chikusa, like Ken, often compares Mukuro's hairstyle with a pineapple. However, because of his quiet nature and carefulness not to say so aloud, Mukuro was unaware of Chikusa's thoughts.[3]
  • His Fandom Shorthand is 49.
  • In the manga, Chikusa was experimented by having his body being burned.
  • In Pineapple Tsūshin extra and Drama CD, it's revealed that when his barcode is scanned, the amount is 5 Yen.


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