The Cervo Volante Tempesta is a Storm-attribute Insect-type Box Weapon used by Baishana.

Appearance Edit

It is a dark brown stag beetle with its jaws covered Storm Flames.

Abilities Edit

Baishana's Cervo Volante Tempesta were remodeled from the one designed by Geppetto Lorenzini. It possesses an agility that is not present in the original. However, Box Weapons that undergo this kind of artificial remodeling often present some sort of fatal weakness, thus being called "Unbalanced Boxes".

Baishana has eight of these Box Weapons and uses their number, speed, and flight abilities to confuse and overwhelm his opponents.

  • Bite (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Body Slam (体当たり, Tai atari?)
  • Cervo Volante Per Otto (8連クワガタ(チェルヴォ・ヴォランテ・ペル・オット), Cheruvo Vorante Peru Otto (8-ren Kuwagata)?)

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