The Cervello is a mysterious, all-female organization that serves as judges in Mafia battles. Byakuran has stated that the Cervello's 'specialty' is to judge fairly and that they are never biased, even if they support one team over another. They currently serve the Vongola Famiglia, but will work for the Millefiore Famiglia in the future.

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The Cervello are masked women that act as judges in games or tournaments. Supposedly, the Cervello are loyal only to the Vongola Famiglia, but they work for the Millefiore Famiglia in the future.

Their roles include:

  1. Keeping the rules in place.
  2. Informing contestants of the rules.
  3. Serving someone with a higher position.

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They always appear in pairs with matching outfits. Each Cervello's clothes vary but resemble the current Japanese trends. When they approached Byakuran to offer him the Sky Mare Ring, they were seen wearing grey hooded robes. Every Cervello has exactly the same domino mask over their eyes and long pink-lavender hair, although in different positions the hair lengths vary.

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All of the Cervello members seen in the series display the same calm and matter-of-fact personality. Xanxus seems to think they are cunning.[4]

Also, despite their usual passivity, they've demonstrated fear or apprehension in the face of Reborn's temper during the Ring Battles.[5] And have also expressed concern and care towards both Xanxus and Shoichi Irie. How sincere any of these emotions are is left unclear.


The Cervello's abilities are largely unknown. What is shown is that they are as capable of superhuman feats as the Varia-- able to jump down building stories easily.

55 Cervello illusionists2

Cervello illusionists

They appear to be made up of identical women, with the same height and weight for all of them.[1] Although it is unknown how true this is as they appeared to have men hiding the damage caused to the school with illusions during the Ring Battles, while it's being fixed.[6][2] It should be noted, however, considering the job they were performing in broad daylight if these men were not also disguised pink-haired Cervello.

173 cervello with fiamma shoes sun flames

Cervello with Sun Flames.

The two Cervello who refereed the Choice Battle are shown using Fiamma Shoes with Sun Flames in the world 10-years-later.[3][7] In the manga, their means of flight is less clearly indicated.

Trivia Edit

  • Cervello means "brain" in Italian and (機関, Kikan?) means 'organ,' so Cervello Kikan literally means 'brain organ.' It's also a play on 'Cervello Organization.'
  • The last instance the Cervello have been seen is on an extra drawing Amano drew for Rebo to Dlive of the Vongola Quindecimo.

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