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The Chiavarone Famiglia is the number three Famiglia in the Mafia alliance together with the Vongola Famiglia. The Famiglia is one of the largest with over 5,000 Members at its disposal. It is currently being led by the 10th Generation Boss, Dino. Dino was Reborn's previous pupil before Tsuna, and as a result of Reborn's training, he is quite a capable Mafia Boss, unless there is none of his subordinates around him; in that case, he becames as clumsy as Tsuna. He has single handedly raised the Chiavarone Family to a prominent position by fixing their finances.


Although the Chiavarone Family has over 5,000 Members, only a few of them have been named:

  • Dino
  • Romario
  • Ivan (snow battle)
  • Bono (snow battle)
  • Brutus


  • In a recent Reborn! Family poll, the Chiavorone Famiglia ranked fourth.

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