Cavallo Alato, nicknamed as Scuderia, is an Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Dino, possessing a Sky-attribute and a Storm-attribute.

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It first appeared when Dino arrived at the Vongola Base during the aftermath of Tsuna's disastrous first attempt to open his Vongola Box.

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The Cavallo Alato boasts top-class running speed among Box Weapons. Its galloping figure resembles the Pegasus in Greek mythology.

With the Sky Flames' Harmony characteristic, Scuderia can harmonize its target with the surroundings. In a rocky or urban environment, this causes the petrification of the enemy.

Dino released Scuderia's true power during the fight with Deisy, the Pegaso Super Salto Volante.

  • Leg strike (蹴り, Keri?)
  • Bite (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Salto Volante (天翔(サルト・ヴォランテ), Saruto Vorante (Tenshō)?)
  • Pegaso Super Salto Volante:[1][2] (天馬超翔(ペガソ・スーペル・サルト・ヴォランテ), Pegaso Sūperu Saruto Vorante (Tenba Chōshō)?) The Cavallo Alato forms wings made of Sky Flames, creating the visage of a pegasus. Scuderia then leaps and charges at the enemy, slicing all in its path.

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