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List of Vongola Bosses.
List of Vongola Bosses.
Vongola Primo {1st Boss} [[ Giotto|Giotto]]
Vongola Secondo {2nd Boss} [[Ricardo]]
[[Vongola Terzo]] {3rd Boss}
[[Vongola Quarto]] {4th Boss}
[[Vongola Quinto]] {5th Boss}
Vongola Sesto {6th Boss} [[Simora]]
Vongola Settimo {7th Boss} [[Fabio]]
Vongola Ottavo {8th boss} [[Daniela]]
Vongola Nono {9th Boss} [[Timoteo]]
Vongola Decimo {10th Boss} [[Tsunayoshi Sawada]]
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List of Vongola Bosses.

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