Captive is the 187th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna is having a dream of his mother preparing some tea. Tsuna then wakes up and sees a card in front of his eyes. Tsuna reads the word written on the card and mispronounces it. Spanner corrects him and Tsuna apologizes, saying that he's still half-awake. Tsuna then remembers who the voice belongs to and stands up, surprised, but even more surprised when he sees that he's half-naked. Spanner offers Tsuna some tea and points to where his clothes and things are. Tsuna tries to get to them to check his lucky charm but finds himself handcuffed to the wall. Spanner points a gun at Tsuna's hands and tells him that he's missing in action.

Meanwhile, members of the Millefiore's White Spell arrive at the site of Tsuna and the Moskas' battle. One member comments that the site looks like the result of a tornado and his colleague tells him that all the results of battles between those who possess rings and boxes are like that. The group then contacts the command room, telling them that they will start their search for Tsuna and his ring. Cervello informs Irie about that and confirms Spanner's story that, after his battle with the four Moska, Tsuna fell in the water and is now missing. Irie orders them to send more search parties, retrieve the Moska and analyze their data.

Back at Spanner's hideout, Spanner gives Tsuna a suit to wear. As Spanner watches him, Tsuna tries to think of a way out of the situation when Spanner tells him that he hasn't completed it yet. Tsuna then realizes that Spanner is referring to the X-Burner and tells him the name of the attack. Spanner then comments that he noticed that the X-Burner is not stable and offers to help him, since he loves Japanese people and Japan because of their advances in the field of Robotics and also Tsuna's skills. Tsuna is surprised at Spanner's comment.

Meanwhile, Ryohei is battling with Baishana while Gokudera and Yamamoto watch. Ryohei plans to use his fist to attack but Baishana tells him that he will start to degenerate the moment his fists touches his Storm Serpent. Ryohei ignores him and starts to use a footwork similar to Lussuria's. The Storm Serpent then charges at Ryohei and Ryohei counters it with his fist. Baishana is confident that he's already won but is surprised to see Ryohei wound his Box Weapon. Ryohei then tells him that it's not a good idea for him to come into contact with his fist.

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