Canguro del Sereno, nicknamed as Kangaryu, is a Sun-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Ryohei Sasagawa.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Canguro del Sereno is a brown kangaroo with yellow eyes and multiple scars across its body. It has bandages on all of its limbs and its left ear. Both of its ears and tail constantly emit Sun Flames. Its gender is assumed to be female as it has a pouch.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

It stores Dying Will Flames in the pouch on its stomach and can distribute equipment with its Activation properties. It is also equipped with a first-aid kit.

  • Can Kick (カンキック, Kan kikku?)
  • Punch (パンチ, Panchi?)
  • Nursing (看病, Kanbyō?)
  • Housing (治寮, Chiryō?)
  • Sun Gloves Injection ((セレーノ)グローブ射出, Serēno (Hare) Gurōbu shashutsu?)
  • Sun Shoes Injection ((セレーノ)シューズ射出, Serēno (Hare) Shūzu shashutsu?)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kangaryu's wounds are revealed to be a result of constant sparring with Future Ryohei. Despite this, the two are very friendly to each other.

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