Camping Out is the 139th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna and Gokudera hurry along after Lal Mirch. While walking, Lal releases her Balloon Box Weapon. Tsuna ponders if Reborn doesn't really exist in this era. Lal Mirch tells Tsuna and Gokudera that they will be camping out in the forest for the night and that they have to prepare their own food while there is still light.

Later, Lal Mirch explains the situation to Tsuna and Gokudera, that the Vongola headquarters was destroyed two days ago, and that there was a new, powerful Famiglia called the Millefiore whose boss is Byakuran, as well as their hunt for the Vongola Rings, and the assembling of the Tri-ni-sette. When Lal Mirch's Box Weapon detects an enemy, they all hide in the foliage, using Lal's Stealth Ring to stay undetected. As they watch, a Strau Mosca passes by. Without warning, the Strau Moska charges them, and they realize that it had detected the ring Tsuna had received from Lancia. Just as the Moska is about to attack, a figure leaps up behind it and slashes down on the Moska's head with Attacco di Squalo.

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