Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola, nicknamed Gyudon, is a Lightning-attribute animal-type Box Weapon. It is the exclusive Vongola Box Weapon for Lambo and can transform into a horned helmet and sheid. The shield was modeled after the first generation's Lightning Guardian, Lampow's, weapon of choice.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Its appearance is that of a big, black bull covered in armor that has the Vongola crest on it.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola was created by remodeling a Bufalo Fulmine with the Vongola's latest technology.

It was first shown when an angered Lambo used it to get back at Hayato Gokudera for his insults.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

By further wrapping its body that was solidified with Lightning Flames, it can withstand any kind of physical attack. The offensive power of its horns is tremendous, and that power is demonstrated when it becomes a shield through Cambio Forma.[1]

  • Body Slam (体当たり, Tai atari?)
  • Meat Defense (肉防御, Niku bōgyo?)
  • Toro Infuriato (怒闘牛(トーロ・インフリアート), Tōro Infuriāto?)

Cambio Forma[edit | edit source]

Lampow's Shield[2][3] (ランポウの(シールド), Ranpō no Tate (Shīrudo)?) is the Cambio Forma of the Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola. The shield is modeled after the weapon used by the first generation Vongola Lightning Guardian, Lampow. Through future Vongola technology, Lambo can transform the Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola into a similar weapon.

This weapon is equipped with a horned shield and has the Roman Numeral "I" on the front to symbolize the connection to the first generation. The shield is also equipped with two horns similar to Lambo's Horns that are encircled by rings, and also forms a helmet with a Lightning Crest in the middle.

  • Elettrico Cornata
  • Corna Fulmine:[2][3] (雷の角(コルナ・フールミネ), Koruna Fūrumine (Kaminari no Tsuno)?) Corna Fulmine is an attack used by Lambo with Lampow's Shield. The shield unleashes strong Lightning Flames to defeat the enemies around the user. The bolts are strengthened by the Lightning Flame's Hardening characteristic, easily piercing surrounding enemies.
  • Lungo Corna Fulmine (雷伸角(ルンゴ・コルナ・フールミネ), Rungo Koruna Fūrumine (Rai shinkaku)?)

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