The Buckle of the Storm Version X is the upgraded Vongola Storm Ring created specifically to suit Hayato Gokudera, and is one of seven Vongola Gear,

Following the destruction of the Original Vongola Rings, Talbot took the Vongola Rings' remains and combined them with the Animal Rings using Primo's blood-- Penalty. The combined form of the three parts resulted in stone ores of each Dying Will Flame of the Sky. And it was by channeling their resolve through the stones that Tsuna and his Guardians transformed the ores into Vongola Gear, personalized for each member.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is the result of Talbot's work and Gokudera's resolve. The Buckle of the Storm Version X is a combination of the destroyed Original Vongola Storm Ring, Penalty, and the Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola Animal Ring. With Gokudera's firm resolve, the ore transformed into a buckle to best suit Gokudera's fighting style. The buckle is made exclusively for the tenth generation Vongola Famiglia.

When used in battle, the Uri Version X appears and the buckle transforms into a belt loaded with uncountable mini dynamites. Gokudera can also use Cambio Forma to further increase his abilities.

The metal buckle is shaped like the head of the Pantera Tempesta with spikes on its head on the left and a skull on the right. The crest of the tenth generation Vongola Famiglia lies in the center in front of a red crystal.

Uri Version X[edit | edit source]

Uri Version X

Uri Version X[1] (Ver.(バージョン)X(エクス), Uri Bājon Ekusu?, lit. Uri Version X), previously Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola as the Animal Box Ring, was merged with the Vongola Rings, Uri is now a part of the Buckle of the Storm. However, it can still manifest outside of the buckle, like all the other Box Animals.

Uri now has armor on its legs and is wearing sunglasses with the 10th Generation emblem on them. Uri is also capable of merging directly with Gokudera for the latter's Cambio Forma.

Cambio Forma[edit | edit source]

Gokudera's Cambio Forma

Gokudera's Cambio Forma Version X is formed when Uri manifests and merges with his Buckle of the Storm.

Gokudera gains a large amount of dynamite strapped on his body and flame emblazoned armor on his thighs and one of his arms.

Components[edit | edit source]

  • Pipe-shaped igniter: he pipe allows Gokudera to light his bombs without the need for cigarettes. The pipe ignites Gokudera's Vongola Gear bombs with Storm Flames, allowing them to have more speed, accuracy, and power when launched.[1]
  • Storm Sunglasses: Sunglasses that are similar to the Contact Lenses Gokudera used in the future with Sistema C.A.I.. They allow Gokudera to scan and analyze weather, magnetic fields, and gravity when targeting. Allowing for more accuracy with his bombs.[1]

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Rocket Bomb Version X:[2] (ロケットボム バージョンイクス, Roketto Bomu: Bājon Ikusu?) An enhanced version of the Rocket Bombs Gokudera uses. Gokudera throws multiple dynamite, lit by and containing Storm Flames rather than gunpowder. The upgraded dynamite has ridges that catch air during flight. The spiraling caused by the ridges increases the speed and the power of the dynamite.
  • Air Bomb:[2] (エアボム, Ea Bomu?) An evasive technique. Gokudera throws this bomb beneath him to give him extra propulsion when jumping; blasting and propelling himself upwards.
  • Uri Bomb:[3] (瓜ボム, Uri Bomu?) Gokudera uses Uri as a bomb, with Uri's tail as the fuse. However, this attack can only be used twice in a period of three days, as it consumes Uri's own Dying Will Flame rather than the Gokudera's. The more it is used, the smaller Uri gets. When he regains his strength, he returns to normal size. The explosion generated from the blast is strong enough to burst a Fiamma Balloon.

    Despite Uri gaining a new form, it takes its Vongola Box Form when using this technique.

  • Vongola Gear Shields: Gokudera's shields from Sistema C.A.I. are now upgraded and used with his Vongola Gear.
  • Zero Ignite: Dynamite that creates a thick smokescreen allowing Gokudera to either escape or attack.

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  • The Buckle's method of using a seemingly limitless supply of homing bombs and using Uri as a living bomb, allowing Gokudera to be on the offensive constantly, is a symbol of the Vongola Storm Guardian's role, which is: "Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious storm that never rests."

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