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"Bucking Horse Stampede!" is the first chapter in the first volume of Reborn! Secret Bullet novel series

Synopsis Edit

A memoir depicting the growth of Dino. The event happens right before Hibari crashes the aftermath of the Storm Battle.

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Prologue Edit

During the Battle for the Storm Ring, Dino and Kyoya Hibari are training, when Kyoya's cell phone rings, abruptly ending his spar with Dino. He leaves without a word to see about the criminals using Nammimori Middle School as an arena. (Though, Dino wouldn't learn about that until later.)

Romario, who had been keeping watch from the sides, comments that Dino must understand Reborn a little better now that he's more or less taken the mantle of being Kyoya's tutor. Dino is incredulous, because he was nothing like Kyoya. Although, internally he admits to himself that he'd been a problem child too, if only in a different way.

And he'd changes since then. When he was Kyoya's age, after a certain event, he'd learn to accept and take responsibility over the famiglia. Touching his tattoo on his left arm, he recalls his vow not to betray their trust in him and how he became the "Bucking Bronco."

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