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Broccoli's Sweetheart? is the 29th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis Edit

Kyoko's friend Hana is infatuated with Future Lambo and blackmails Tsuna into letting her meet him by threatening to tell Kyoko that Haru was his girlfriend. When Hana and Tsuna get home to meet Future Lambo, Hana tells Tsuna that she gets hives when she sees kids. Lambo was making fun of Hana, calling her an "old hag". As a result, Hana gets mad and scolded Lambo. Lambo cried and brought out the Ten Year Bazooka, crashing through many walls. Lambo then uses the Ten-Year Bazooka; however, something malfunctions and creates a teen Lambo with young Lambo's mind. Hana still likes him even with young Lambo's mind. Lambo escapes from the house and he took a taxi and when the driver asked where he was going, he said he wants to go to Italy. The driver stated that he didn't go there, so Lambo stated that he wanted to go to "Aunt Ottavio's" house. When the driver asks where "Aunt Ottavio's" house was, Lambo replies that it was in Italy.

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