Template:Cloud Weapons The Bracelet of the Cloud Version X (雲のブレスレット バージョンエクス, Kumo no Buresuretto Bājon Ikusu) is the newly upgraded Cloud Original Vongola Ring, made thanks to Talbot. It was upgraded with Penalty and the Vongola Box Ring, Roll. With Hibari's firm resolve, or, as he prefers, irritation, the rock broke down to reveal the Bracelet.
This bracelet, as revealed by Talbot, is made exclusively for the Tenth Generation Vongola Family. It took the form of a bracelet to best suit Hibari's fighting style.

In Cambio Forma, Roll turns into a modified version of Hibari's school uniform and tonfas. Chains and spikes can be released from his tonfas. With the Cloud Flame's propagation ability, the chains can elongate to slash enemies. Using these chains, Hibari defeated over four hundred of Adelheid Suzuki's Blizzardroids in one shot. The spikes protruding from his tonfas can be released and propagate, becoming balls of spikes. Hibari can also attack his enemies with mini Rolls (cloud hedgehogs) and miniature versions of the original Alaude's Handcuffs.

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