Boycott is the 236th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The training programs begins and Gokudera heads to the library with Ryohei and Lambo in order to teach them the theory. Yamamoto decides to train by himself for the time being while Bianchi accompanies Chrome Dokuro, and the others leave as well. After everyone leaves, Haru and Kyoko get out of their camouflage and are excited about what they overheard but they only understood some parts of what Dino said.

Meanwhile, Tsuna is trying to figure out what to do with his training, afraid to see the monster when she opens his box. The box then begins to shake and begins to shake more violently when Tsuna threatens to beat it up when it goes wild again. Elsewhere, Ryohei is able to open his box and orders it to attack Gokudera which it did, much to Ryohei's delight. Gokudera, however, is angry since he was attacked by Ryohei and starts to tell him off. However, Reborn agrees that experiencing is better than theory. Just then, Uri attacks Gokudera and Lambo also joins in. However, Gokudera punches him away causing him to cry and activates his ring which he uses to open the box. The box contains a large bull that Lambo is able to ride on and orders it to attack everyone.

Even though everyone trained hard, none of them succeeds with their training program and a new problem arises in the form of Haru and Kyoko asking for the truth. Tsuna tell to endure with them until they return to the past. However, the two tells him that they refuse to do any household work until they find out the truth and they are supported by Bianchi, Chrome and I-Pin...

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