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| Type = Support
| Type = Support
| Manga Debut = Chapter 138
| Manga Debut = Chapter 138
| Anime Debut = [[World of Ten Years Later|Episode 74]]
| Anime Debut = [[World of Ten Years Later|Episode 74]]}}
The '''Box Weapons'''(匣(ボックス) 兵器, ''Bokkusu Heiki) ''are small, cube-shaped boxes that store powerful weaponry inside. Now, though they are called Box ''Weapons'', few actually come in the form of conventional armaments and the most are designed after animals. The greatest assets of these ''Box Animals'', as they are called, are the special abilities born out of the unique traits of the [[Dying Will Flames]] that serve as their power source.
The '''Box Weapons'''(匣(ボックス) 兵器, ''Bokkusu Heiki) ''are small, cube-shaped boxes that store powerful weaponry inside. Now, though they are called Box ''Weapons'', few actually come in the form of conventional armaments and the most are designed after animals. The greatest assets of these ''Box Animals'', as they are called, are the special abilities born out of the unique traits of the [[Dying Will Flames]] that serve as their power source.
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Still, though the origins of Box Weapons were somewhat well known in the [[Future Arc|Future]], nobody was able to produce a clear answer when asked how the Boxes managed to be perfected. [[Kyoya Hibari|Future Hibari]]'s investigation lead him to conclude that the answer was simply "coincidence", but he himself admitted that these coincidences happened in an unnatural fashion around the development of the Boxes and that there was many inconsistencies left to be explained. Eventually, it was revealed that [[Byakuran]] secretly used his power of looking into parallel worlds to help in the completion of the Box Weapon technology.
Still, though the origins of Box Weapons were somewhat well known in the [[Future Arc|Future]], nobody was able to produce a clear answer when asked how the Boxes managed to be perfected. [[Kyoya Hibari|Future Hibari]]'s investigation lead him to conclude that the answer was simply "coincidence", but he himself admitted that these coincidences happened in an unnatural fashion around the development of the Boxes and that there was many inconsistencies left to be explained. Eventually, it was revealed that [[Byakuran]] secretly used his power of looking into parallel worlds to help in the completion of the Box Weapon technology.
After the events of the [[Future Arc]] [[Verde]] manage to recreate the box weapon in the present and the varia was able to obtain their and use it in the [[Representative Battle of the Rainbow]].
During [[The Curse of the Rainbow Arc|the Curse of the Rainbow Arc]], [[Verde]] recreates the Box Weapons in the present, and the Varia also somehow obtained their future Box Weapons to use them in the [[Representative Battle of the Rainbow]].
==Boxes by Attributes==
==Boxes by Attributes==

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The Box Weapons(匣(ボックス) 兵器, Bokkusu Heiki) are small, cube-shaped boxes that store powerful weaponry inside. Now, though they are called Box Weapons, few actually come in the form of conventional armaments and the most are designed after animals. The greatest assets of these Box Animals, as they are called, are the special abilities born out of the unique traits of the Dying Will Flames that serve as their power source.


Originally, the concept behind the Box Weapons was the product of the work of a biologist that lived four centuries prior to the time of Future Arc named Geppetto Lorenzini. Lorenzini had the idea of building weapons based on animals found in nature. Based on that principle, he went ahead and designed 343 different Box Animals. However, these designs were ultimately regarded as Over-Technology, in other words they were inventions impossible to manufacture with the scientific knowledge of that time. Because it was an idea that would never leave the paper, Lorenzini's manuscripts were treated like garbage and stored away by secret society that he belonged to.

Things would change only centuries later, when three genius scientists who belonged to the same secret society as Lorenzini found his manuscripts and gave continuity to his research. Their names were Koenig, Innocenti and the Arcobaleno Verde. The three discovered that the Rings that were passed down by the Mafia could serve as an optimal power source for the Box Weapons. With this breakthrough, they managed to solve the technical issues in Lorenzini's design and produce a prototype after five years of research.

Soon after, they successfully perfected and manufactured the 343 Box Animals designed by Lorenzini. The three also researched and developed new types of Boxes, such as Storage Box and Boxes containing support items and conventional weaponry. Initially, these Box Weapons were introduced in the Mafia world when the three scientists started selling them in great quantities but at outrageously low prices in order to get funds to finance their research. However, eventually Innocenti perished for unknown reasons and Verde too was dead for a period until his resurrection by Yuni. In the meantime, the last remaining scientist, Koenig, went into hiding and kept developing and trading Box Weapons as an underground arms-dealer.

Still, though the origins of Box Weapons were somewhat well known in the Future, nobody was able to produce a clear answer when asked how the Boxes managed to be perfected. Future Hibari's investigation lead him to conclude that the answer was simply "coincidence", but he himself admitted that these coincidences happened in an unnatural fashion around the development of the Boxes and that there was many inconsistencies left to be explained. Eventually, it was revealed that Byakuran secretly used his power of looking into parallel worlds to help in the completion of the Box Weapon technology.

During the Curse of the Rainbow Arc, Verde recreates the Box Weapons in the present, and the Varia also somehow obtained their future Box Weapons to use them in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Boxes by Attributes

Box Weapons2.PNG

Just like the Waves and Rings, the Box Weapons too are classified accordingly to the Seven Flames of the Sky. In order to successfully open a Box and release the contents stored inside, it is necessary to inject the Box with strong enough Flames of a Ring with the same Attribute as it. Also, in the case of Box Animals, the higher the purity of the Flames injected, more of its latent abilities will drawn out. On that note, Sky-attribute Flames are capable of opening any Box, but are incapable of fully drawing out the abilities of Boxes of other Attributes.

Sky Box Weapons

Sky-attribute Box Weapons are unique in the fact that they are predisposed to be influenced by the user's mood when opened. For example, when Tsuna attempted to open his Vongola Box for the first time he was anxious about its contents and unconsciously rejected it inside his heart. As a consequence, it was opened incorrectly and revealed itself aggressive towards its own master. On another case, Bester's Rage Mode can be activated in response to Xanxus' own anger.

Sky Boxes
Name Description Used By
Leone di Cielo (Sky Lion) A Lion which is the original form of Xanxus' Animal Box Weapon. When Xanxus is angered and his battle wounds from the 9th Vongola Boss appear, it obtains stripes, turning it into the Ligre. Xanxus
Ligre Tempesta Di Cieli (Sky Storm Liger) It exhibits traits of the Tigre Tempesta. Its main means of defense appears to be petrifying other Box Weapons by roaring with the sky's Harmony characteristic. Olgert has stated that a harmony attack of this type is exceedingly rare. It also attacks enemies through its roars, which destroys them with Degeneration. The combination of two attributes is possible by combining two kinds of Sky Flames together. The Sky Flames released from the Ring carry the property of Harmony, but Xanxus's own Flame of Wrath hold characteristics of Degeneration - a Storm Flame's property, thus creating a Box Weapon with two Flame properties. Used by Xanxus of the Varia, who named his Weapon Bester.
Leone di Cieli Version Vongola An orange specialized Box Weapon given to Tsuna by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. He was unable to control the Box when he released it and it attacked him. The form it took when it was released was not its true form, as Tsuna improperly released it. The creature contained within the Vongola Sky Box, when released properly, is the Leone di Cieli (Sky Lion): Version Vongola, whose mane is made of the Sky Flames and is wearing either a helmet or a visor. It's name is Natsu. Natsu can petrify and break through other Box Weapons by harmonizing with them via roaring, similar to Xanxus's Sky Lion. All the Vongola Boxes were remodeled in the past, allowing the Animals to transform into Weapons.

Cambio Forma

  • Modo Difesa: Mantello Di Vongola Primo (Defense Mode: Vongola First's Cloak): Natsu changes into a long, black cloak that releases Sky Flames. The Cloak is worn by Tsuna, and is attached to a metal plate on his X-Gloves and bears the roman numeral I. Reborn calls the cloak "a vast sky enveloping and engulfing everything".

Modo Attacco: Mitena di Vongola Primo (Attack Mode: Vongola First's Gauntlet): In this transformation, Natsu combines with Tsuna's X-Gloves and turns into the gauntlet. As with the First's Cloak, the Gauntlet also has a roman numeral I on it. We are currently unaware of its true power due to it being defeated by Byakuran. While using this he can concentrate all this flame into a single attack without charging called "Big Bang Axel"


White Dragon

It was made with the highly advanced technology of the Millefiore Famiglia and is exclusively for him, maybe the only one ever made. When the Dragon is released from the Box, it is seen attached to Byakuran's hand. It was first seen when it was battling Natsu and was able to break Natsu in his Modo Ofesa into pieces.

  • Mini White Dragon: Its only appearance was when it was attacking Tsuna's heart, but Tsuna didn't die and instead was protected by Lanchia's Boss' Ring. The appearance of the Dragon is black with two dragon heads. It seems to be a more powerful Form than its original appearance. Byakuran is seen using this Form again when he starts to use all of his power when he attacks Tsuna, who revived Natsu. Byakuran's Box Weapon is then destroyed by Tsuna, who is using his new Vongola Ring Form.
Cavallo Alato (Sky Horse) A large, domesticated Horse covered in Sky Flames. It is able to fly in the air, and paralyze even large Box Weapons by stomping them with its hooves. Dino named it Scuderia. Dino

Pegaso Super Salto Volante (Sky Pegasus)

This is a Box Weapon used by Dino against Daisy. The Sky Pegasus is the full power release of Dino's Sky Horse. The wings given to the Sky Horse are used to harmonize with other Box Weapons and slice them in half.

Sky Turtle (Anime Only)

This is used by Dino. A Box Weapon of rejuvenation. It has Sky Flames to stabilize health and Sun Flames to make the body active stored in it's belly.

Storm Box Weapons

Storm-attribute Boxes are usually oriented towards offensive abilities that take advantage of the Storm's Disintegration factor, but support-type Storm Boxes such as the Storm Disc, the Throne and the Flying Carpet are known to exist.

Storm Boxes
Name Description Used By
Dark Scythe A long Scythe covered in Storm Flames, which releases a curved Storm Blade when swung. Tazaru & Nosaru
Spikes Red Spikes made of Storm Flames form on the user's back and pierce whatever is behind them. Tazaru
Dark Slicer Three spinning disks that follow their targets until they hit. Their speed increases by absorbing the enemy's Flame until their speed is 1.5 times faster than the target. They are designed to never hit the user.
Scorpione di Tempesta (Storm Scorpions) Several Scorpions that fire streams of Storm Flames from their tails. They can cling to and easily destroy walls. Bianchi
Flying Carpet A Flying Carpet that suspends the user in midair by generating Storm Flames. Baishana
Serpente Tempesta (Storm Serpent) A giant Snake, identified as a Tsuchinoko by Gokudera, that grows by feeding on the Box Weapons of others. As its size increases, so does its power accordingly. Its scales are covered in Storm Flames, and damage anything that touches them. It has been stated that it is a relatively new Box Weapon created by Box-Maker Koenig.
Cervo Volante Tempesta bel Otto (Eight Storm Stag Beetles) Stag Beetles with Storm Flames covering their mandibles. They move in random patterns at high speeds, making it difficult to hit or avoid them.
Sistema C.A.I. or Cambio Arma Istantaneo (Instantaneous Armament Change System) A complex puzzle of four Storm Boxes, four Rain Boxes, two Lightning Boxes, two Sun Boxes, and four Cloud Boxes. Only one who can utilize all five of these types of Dying Will Flames can use this Weapon, the only one being Gokudera so far. The main structure is a set of four bone Rings that can shield the user from Attacks or capture enemy Box Weapons. The Storm Flames of the bone Rings are lightly covered in Rain Flames, which neutralize the initial part of the Attack. Of the sixteen Boxes, there are four skull Rings for each of the other Dying Will Flames, Uri, and Flame Arrow. The main method of Attack is a burst of Dying Will Flame or missile projectiles that have two kinds of Flames. The strength of these combination is the instantaneous change from one Weapon to another. The most powerful attack is the combination of Storm and Lightning Flames into a concentrated burst called Flame Thunder. Gamma believes this to be an invention of Innocenti, because of its flashiness.

  • Uri A Leopard Cub with very little physical power and who often fails to listen to its owner. When treated with the Sun Flames' activation properties, Uri grows into a gigantic Leopard with flaming wheels on its shoulders. Its physical strength is dramatically increased, to the point that it can fight on par with Gamma's Nero Volpi. Its true name could be Leopardo Tempesta Ver. Vongola (Vongola Storm Leopard). Used by Gokudera, and a part of the Sistema C.A.I.. Uri is a Box Weapon that eats food and Flames, unlike most Box Weapons that don't eat food.
  • Flame Arrow A cannon strapped to the user's left arm with a skull's face and a barrel aimed out of the skull's mouth. Another skull is on the rear end of the cannon, where ammo is inserted, which can be real bullets or even Dynamite. The cannon's main Attack is a burst of pure Storm Flames, but can also utilize special missiles when mixed with other types of Flames. It's most powerful attack is Flame Thunder, which is a mix of storm and lightning flames in a strong burst. The cannon can issue instruction in Italian by spelling words in Dying Will Flames. If no bullets or ammo is loaded, the cannon releases a burst of air that extinguishes Dying Will Flames. Used by Gokudera & is a part of the Sistema C.A.I.
Vongola Storm Box

A red specialized Box Weapon given to Gokudera by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. Reborn said that it was an extension to complete his Sistema C.A.I. and which makes it perfect.

  • Cambio Forma: G. Archery

Uri transforms Gokudera's Flame Arrow Box Weapon into a Bow, modeled after the 1st Storm Guardian's Weapon of choice. The Bow resembles a modified Flame Arrow, as in it is still mounted on Gokudera's arm. When he pulls on the bow it realeases a more concentrated Flame Arrow, called Tornado Flame Arrow.

Visone Tempesta (Storm Mink) A small Mink whose fur generates Storm Flames which degenerates anything that touches it. It moves that blinding speeds, making it nigh impossible to avoid its deadly attack. It can also produce a Flame shield by rapidly rotating its tail. Belphegor
Throne Rasiel of the White Spell sits upon a throne that is suspended in air by Storm Dying Will Flames that protrude from the chair legs. Rasiel
Pipistrello Tempesta (Storm Bats) Several Bats that use faint Storm Flames as the basis for echolocation. When the Storm Flames reflect off of an object, 80% of the original output stays with the object, and degenerates it.
Tigre Tempesta (Storm Tiger) A Box Weapon mentioned by Olgert, it is supposedly a Tiger Box Weapon with degeneration characteristics. Xanxus's Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo may come from the fusion of his Flame of Wrath which has Storm Flame, Leone di Cielo, and this Box Weapon. Unknown
Talpa Tempesta (Storm Mole) A Box Weapon mentioned by Spanner, which can apparently burrow through the ground for excavation purposes and carries degeneration properties. This may also imply that Spanner has a Storm Attribute Flame. Unknown

Rain Box Weapons

Rain Boxes



Used By

Rondine di Pioggia Version Vongola (Vongola Rain Swallow)

A Swallow covered in Rain Flames that can create a wave of blue Flames in front of an attack or even create a heavy rainfall for concealment purposes. Used by Yamamoto and named it "Kojirou".

  • Cambio Forma: Asari Ugetsu

Kojirou fuses with the Shigure Kintoki to create the ornately decorated long sword with the roman numeral "I", and Jirou provides three short swords to create this quadruple sword combination style. The short swords can propel Yamamoto in different directions by releasing Rain Flames, similar to Tsuna's Gloves. The short swords are normally kept in between his fingers in his left hand.



The Box that releases a surge of Water that can be used for defensive purposes by creating a barrier

Cane di Pioggia Version Vongola (Vongola Rain Akita)

A blue specialized Box Weapon given to Yamamoto by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. It appears to be an Akita that carries three broad swords made out of water on its back. Two swords are wielded by Yamamoto, and the Akita holds the third in its mouth. Yamamoto named it "Jirou". Since Rondine di Pioggia Ver. Vongola, another one of Yamamoto's box weapons, is able to perform Cambio Forma, it is presumed that Jirou cannot.

Riding Crop

A melee Weapon in the form of a horse jockey's whip, or Riding Crop, covered in blue Rain Flames.

Glo Xinia

Kraken di Pioggia (Rain Giant Squid)

A gigantic Squid named after the mythical beast of the ocean, and in in which only its arms have been seen. It strikes and entangles enemies with its ten arms, which can be covered in twisters fused with Rain Flames.

Gufo di Pioggia (Rain Owl)

A Snowy Owl covered in Rain Flames. It can create a tidal wave that extinguishes other Dying Will Flames and cancel special attacks such as illusions. Originally used by Glo Xinia of the White Spell, but is now used by Chrome with her Mist Flames.


Squalo Grande Pioggia (Heavy Rain Shark)

A massive Great White Shark covered in Rain Flames. It can swim through the air and easily charges through everything in its path.


Pellicano di Pioggia (Rain Pelican)

A large Pelican that releases a surge of water to quell other Flames, which can also be used as a strong defensive shield.


Elefante Forte Pioggia (Heavy Rain Elephant)

An enormous Elephant covered in Rain Flames that can expel a jet of water to extinguish other Flames. The elephant is large enough to stomp three people at once with one foot. Another Box can be used to create Elefante Triplice (Triple Elephant).

  • Martello Della Terra (Ground Hammer)

Elefante covers itself in a sphere of Rain Flames, and stomps with his front legs, crushing anything beneath it. Adding more Elefante increases the destructive force, and three are enough to destroy an entire castle.

Delfino di Pioggia (Rain Dolphin)

A Dolphin that is capable of receiving telepathic instructions from Basil and utilizes Rain Flames.

  • Dolphin Edge

By releasing blades of Rain Flame from its fins, it can tranquilize its opponent from the inside.


Rain Sea Shells (Rain Snails)

Explosive shells, released by Bluebell.


Sun Box Weapons

Because it is difficult to employ the Activation factor for direct combat, Sun-attribute Boxes usually belong to the support-type.

Sun Boxes



Used By

Saldatore del Sereno (Sun Scalpel) By using the Sun's activation property, the scalpel rapidly increases the rate of healing, to the point that cuts and wounds heal after only several seconds. A side effect is that the area is itchy afterward. Ryohei
Rope A long Rope covered in Sun Flames wraps around the target and can not be broken except by the user or a stronger Flame.

Canguro del Sereno Version Vongola

Vongola Sun Kangaroo

A yellow specialized Box Weapon given to Ryohei by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. The Animal is named Kangaryu; Ryohei's Kangaryuu is battle-scarred doe who has what appears to be twin cannons on her back and boxing gloves. She can create Weapons covered in Sun Flame and release them from her pouch. Though this Box Weapon is meant to be a backup-type support box, it also has an impressive amount of power itself.

Cambio Forma: Knuckle of Maximum Break: With the cannons strapped on her back, Kangaryuu shoots Ryohei with high purity Sun Flames, then Kangaryu transforms into a pair of boxing gloves, headgear, and Flame Boots. Only lasts about 3 minutes. The Sun Flames are used to hyperactivate Ryohei's muscles and nerves.

Sereno (Clear Sky or Sun) Gloves

Boxing gloves charged with Sun Flames by Kangaryuu, giving them high-speed healing abilities. This rapid healing make them impervious to the degenerating Storm Flames.

Ragno Ciel Sereno (Clear Sky Spiders or Sun Spiders) Unactivated Box Weapons that are shot into the bodies of enemies, and are "activated" by the user. The tiny Spider eggs will grow, hatch, and then burst out of the enemy's body. These same Spiders can create a wall of spider webs to block one's movements. Gingerbread
Melone Base The entire Millefiore Japanese Base is a Box Weapon that is activated by Sun Flames. Each of the rooms are box shaped and there are empty slots with no rooms. In a specified room, Shoichi Irie is able to move the boxes around, manipulating the base as he sees fit. The basis for this Box Weapon appears to be a group of giant Venus Flytraps which are actually moving the boxes. Shoichi Irie

Pavone del Sereno (Peacock of Serenity)

A Peacock whose tail is covered in Sun Flames. When the tail is spread out wide, those close to it will rapidly heal, however their hair and nails will also grow quickly. Lussuria
Rinoceronte del Sole (Sun Rhino) A Rhinoceros with Sun Flames. It abilities are unknown, as it was destroyed before it could display any. Daisy
Sun Box of Carnage A Box burried in Daisy's body. When activated, it transforms him into a lizard/human hybrid enveloped in Sun Flames with wings made of Flame. This form increases his speed and strength immensely and gives him the ability to use his Sun Flames to regenerate any part of his body.

Lightning Box Weapons

The Lightning-attribute Boxes use the Lightning Flame's Hardening factor for pure penetration power or tough defenses.

Lightning Boxes
Name Description Used By
Shot Plasma Eight billiard balls connected to one another with Lightning Flames. Their movements are near impossible to read and impossible to dodge completely, even for Future Hibari.

  • Electric Tower Lightning Flames are generated between the billiard balls to form a tower of pure electricity. Anything within the structure is affected, although strong flames are capable of defending against it.
Elettro Volpi (Colulu & Widget) Two Foxes covered in Lightning Flames, they can be used as solid shields or electrocute everything in between themselves. Their initial forms are actually incomplete, and their full potential is released by another Box, upon which they become Nero Volpi (Black Foxes). In their new form, their power becomes multitudes greater, and can generate enough electricity to fill an entire room.
Turbine Shoulder Armor Large shoulder pads with three turbines on each shoulder. After charging the turbines with Lightning Flames, the Flames are released at once, and create a massive explosion upon impact. Dendro Chilum
Lancia Elettrica (Electric Lance) A large lance covered in Lightning Flames. With the Flames' Hardening factor, there is almost nothing this lance cannot pierce.
Elettro Cinghiale (Electro Boar) A Lightning attribute Boar with five times the penetration power of Lancia Elettrica. Its two horns together are called the Doppio Corno Lancia (Double Horn Lance).

  • Triplo Corno Lancia (Triple Horn Lance) The user rides the boar's back and carries the Lancia Elettrica and charges straight toward the enemy.
Torpedine Fulmine A Lightning-type Electric Ray that carries pikes on its back and can attach to the user's back. Together, the Ray can carry the user on its back and fly at incredible speeds.


Vongola Lightning Buffalo

(Bufalo Fulmine ver. Vongola)

A green specialized Box Weapon given to Lambo by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. It is later revealed when Gokudera is tutoring him and Ryohei that it is a Lightning Buffalo.

  • Cambio Forma: Lampo's Shield: Gyuudon takes the form of armor and a Shield that covers Lambo's body. The Shield has two horns like Lambo's and the roman numeral I in the middle. It also forms a helmet on Lambo with the Lightning Crest in the middle and two Rings encircling his own horns. This form has incredible defensive abilities and can also fire out intense bursts of Lightning called Corna Fulmine (lit. Lightning Horn).

Mist Box Weapons

Due the Construction factor of the Mist Flames, many of the abilities of Mist-attribute Box Weapons revolve around Illusions.

Mist Boxes
Name Description Used By
Parachute & Balloon Floats in the air using a Mist Flame like a small hot-air balloon, warns the user when an enemy is approaching. Lal Mirch
Mist Owl (Gufo di Nebbia) After Chrome defeated Glo Xinia, she took possession of his sub-Box Weapon, which now carries Mist Flames instead of Rain Flames. Chrome & Mukuro

Vongola Mist Owl (Gufo di Nebbia version. Vongola)

An Indigo specialized Box Weapon given to Chrome by her Future self to combat the Millefiore. The Animal is Chrome's Owl but with armor on its wings.

Cambio Forma: Demon Spade's Devil Lens: The Vongola Mist Owl transforms into a set of three Lens. These Devil Lenses have the ability to see through even the most powerful of Illusions, even those of Torikabuto while he was transformed using his Box of Carnage. When used by Mukuro, it lets him see the weaknesses and status of an enemy.

Spettrale Nudiblanc (Spectral Sea Slugs) Several dozen Slugs that create Illusions in the room they are occupying. These Illusions are real because of the Mist Flames' construction property. They also act as Weapons themselves by self-destructing upon contact.

  • Danzo Spettro Spada (Spectrum Sword Dance) Combining his swordsmanship with his Box Weapon, Genkishi unleashes a barrage of sword strikes along with Illusionary missiles. This attack can be dodged by moving at incredibly high speeds.
  • Extra Danzo Spettro Spada Genkishi creates 9 copies of himself, which surround the enemy, and each one uses Danzo Spettro Spada. The attack creates a globe of sword strikes and explosions, leaving no room for escape. Basil describes it as a solid mass of Flame energy.
Spettro Spada (Illusion Sword) Genkishi's most powerful Sword and the strongest Mist-type Sword. The Sword is able to instantly construct multiple copies of itself and attack simultaneously.
Armatura (Weaponry of War, lit Suit of Armor) In the same league as the Illusion Sword, it covers the user in armor similar to a Medieval Knight, and amplifies the user's Illusions. When combined with the power of the Hell Ring, the user takes the form of a skull-faced knight with no limbs connecting the seemingly floating armor. According to Genkishi, the true power of the Ring is an Illusion of skeletons expelled from the skull knight's mouth. These skeletons take the appearance of the enemy's loved ones and attack him, in an attempt to break down the user's mind or keep him from moving. Genkishi can also lie that the Illusions are tied to the lives of their real counterparts if the enemy has no knowledge of their whereabouts. However, the Illusions are susceptible to attacks like the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, since they are made of Mist Flames.
Flan's Box Weapon Flan's Box Weapon is a miniature Belphegor, draped in Mist Flame. Flan
Mist Sea Snakes Hundreds of Snakes that can fly through the air and pierce through even the hardest surfaces. Their hardness comes from the small amount of Lightning Flames lining the surface of the Snakes. In conjunction with his Illusions, the Snakes can appear to be part of the user's body, leaving the user to appear as simply a floating head and spinal cord.

  • Genma: Rete Serpente di Mare (Illusionary Magic: Sea Snake Grid) The Sea Snakes line up around the enemy, creating a cage. Over time, the snakes close in to crush the captive enemy.


Mist Alligator

(Anime Only)

One of the first Boxes that were created by Verde who gave it to Viper in order to try it, along with two other Mist Boxes, during the 3rd Trial. However, it wasn't fully completed and thus easily melted and lost its shape. Viper

Mist Starfish

(Anime Only)

A Mist Box Weapon created by Verde. It was one of the first Box Weapons that were created and appeared in the past. It was used by Viper against Yamamoto and Ryohei during the 3rd Trial. When used, many spinning Starfish that emmit Mist-Flames come out of it. Those that break are fused together and create a single but bigger Starfish. Yamamoto and Ryohei manage to defeat them by forcing them to fuse into one and then destroying it.

Cloud Box Weapons

Cloud Boxes
Name Description Used By
Scopolendra di Nuvola (Cloud Centipedes) Long Centipedes that extend, constrict, and even pierce enemies, and can seemingly absorb Dying Will Flames due to the Cloud Flames around them. Lal Mirch
Porcospino Nuvola (Cloud Hedgehog) A small Hedgehog that immediately spins in a straight line upon release. By absorbing other Dying Will Flames, the spikes on its back grow to create a Globe of Needles. Enemies can be trapped inside the Globe, which quickly burns whatever oxygen is necessary to breathe. It can only be broken from the inside by applying a Flame of a higher purity. There are multiple Boxes of this Animal; a maximum of three. The Hedgehog can also create small portions of the globe as foot steps for ascending or shields against enemy attacks. A new form, called Globe of Needles: Reversed, requires using three Rings at once on one Box. Its difficult to pull it off without breaking the Box. But if successful, the Hedgehog grows, pushing all other Box Weapons outside, and leaving any living organisms inside. The walls of the Globe are covered in spikes, and the Flames quickly burn any remaining oxygen. This method of fighting is meant to make up for Hibari's lack of Rings that can withstand his enormous Flame. Hibari
Cloud Tonfas Hibari in the Future keeps his tonfas in a Box Weapon. They are now covered in Cloud Flames and still hold all of their predecessor's hidden Weapons, as well as some new ones.

Vongola Cloud Hedgehog (Porcospino di Nuvola version Vongola)

A purple specialized Box Weapon given to Hibari by his Future self to combat the Millefiore. The Animal is an advanced version of Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog.

Cambio Forma: Aluade Handcuffs The Vongola Cloud Hedgehog transforms into a pair of black Handcuffs with thorns, which can multiply in numbers and used to capture/entangle the enemy.

Demon Bear A Bear Box Weapon that is speculated to be of the Cloud-type. It was eaten by the Serpente Tempesta before its abilities were revealed. Nigella
Cloud Whip Iris uses a Cloud-type Whip on her Death Stalk Squad, causing their muscles and ligaments to grow. This greatly increases their muscle mass, physical strength, and can stretch their limbs to inhuman lengths. Iris
Campanula di Nuvola (Cloud Bellflowers) Seeds are placed on a target, and slowly grow into flowers by feeding on their Dying Will Flames and body. As the flowers bloom, the roots dig into the victims skin, absorbing as much nutrients as possible, resulting in a patch of flowers and splattered blood. Kikyo
Velociraptor di Nuvola A Dinosaur based Box Weapon created by Millefiore scientists. This Box Weapon was shown when Kikyo was battling Lambo. When activated, it summons a Velociraptor which can be cloned using the Cloud-Flame as seen in the manga.

Box Weapon Sets

General Box Weapons

These are Box Weapons that are not specific to a particular Flame.

Battery Boxes - A Box used to store Dying Will Flame for Future use.

Dying Will Flame Boots - Special Boots that allow the user to fly in the air by emitting their respective Flames from the soles.


  • The original names of most of the Box Weapons are in Italian.
  • Box Weapons can become drunk if they consume a large quantity of Dying Will Flames.
  • The Tri-Ni-Set is represented by the number 7 to the power of 3, which would not make 21 but rather 343, the exact number of blueprints left by Gepetto Lorenzini.


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